Always Be Playing: Try Different Approaches with the Nearly Same Media

February 19, 2020
Brush pen, ink wash, and acrylic marker.

It is important to experiment using different media together to come up with a look that suits the subject and mood of your sketch.

If you don’t push yourself to try different media in different combinations you’ll never find what you like the look of; and what you most enjoy using.

In this post I’ve got two sketches. Both begin as direct brush pen sketching. I then worked up the values with ink washes. Finally I put the acrylic marker in the background.

Both are completed on the same paper: Fabriano Mixed Media Paper. (You may recall that last year I bought pads and pads of the stuff—it’s perfect for experiments and quick sketches.)

On the second sketch, the only thing different is that I had pre-painted the sheet with acrylic paint several days before. I always have pre-painted sheets on hand. (I also always have a few pages in my current journal pre-painted with acrylic paint so I have a fun puzzle when I turn the page.)

Acrylic paint and brush pen and acrylic marker; with ink wash.

When I made these two sketches I had been doing a lot of brush pen sketches in a non-art-paper journal. I wanted to play with ink wash on the Fabriano Mixed Media paper.

And of course I enjoy textures. It’s fun to see how they can add or detract from a sketch. If you play with things long enough you get a sense of what it is you like to see. 

Try mixing things up today.

If you would like to know more about how I make and use textures in my sketches please check out my “Textures” class which is scheduled for April. (Please check the class listings page in March for registration dates. I try to open classes a month before they start so you can watch introductory videos and gather supplies. I hope to have the full 2020 schedule up in March.) 

If you would like to watch me sketch and paint and discuss the choices I’m making please subscribe to my Patreon/Roz-Interim subscription blog.

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