What’s Coming Up on Roz’s Subscription Blog in February?

January 29, 2020
This 9 x 12 inch fude fountain pen and watercolor sketch will be featured on my Patreon-Roz Interim subscription blog in February.


In December 2019 I started a subscription blog on Patreon: Roz Interim.

You can use that link to read about the different subscription levels. 

In February I’ll be sketching, painting, and talking about the portrait you see in this post.

There will be a bonus portrait sketch painting because my subscribers in January asked some questions the second video, already edited asked. 

In January we looked at working on toned paper. If you join at the Tier 3 level you’ll get access to a monthly webinar, and you’ll be able to check out that discussion.

Blog posts on Patreon: Roz Interim also include exercises designed to help you put the approaches and information discussed to work right away in your own drawing practice.

I hope you’ll go over to check it out and consider subscribing.

You can see an example of a speed video (Tier One) at this link.

Subscribers at Tiers 2 and 3 have access to that video and any related posts, as well as a real-time video of the sketch.   (The sample video uses callouts instead of video, but once the cool weather of fall came on I was able to turn off the a.c. and turn on the mic; there will be a mix through out the year.)

Tier 3 subscribers also receive access to at least one additional post per month. As well as access to a monthly webinar.

I hope you’ll check it out.

    • Jen
    • January 30, 2020

    Really looking forward to this, Roz. I learned so much from January, and this is an amazing sketch.

    1. Reply

      I’m so glad Jen! And this is a fun one because it was made with a mic and I mumble along to myself, so I think it will be more fun than the silent ones. Thanks for subscribing. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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