What Are You Waiting for? Go Ahead Paint on Note Paper

January 15, 2020



“What Are You Waiting for? Go Ahead Paint on Note Paper” pretty much says it all. Here’s a spread from one of my green lined journals. You can find non-art journals in any bookstore on earth—typically with botanical sketches or pink covers that will appeal to 16 year old girls. (Well actually to anyone who likes pink, but I digress.)

In the close up detail image you’ll see the fun things the paint is doing on this paper.

It’s all watercolor. And some white gel pen. Because sometimes it’s fun to fuss.

To paraphrase Nike, “Just use less water.”

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    Wait. Doesn’t the note paper wrinkle with watercolors?

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      Sure does, and I LOVE THAT. It makes the most amazing sound when you turn the pages. Dick comes into the room and just laughs at me for opening and closing the book and petting the pages.

      I’ve got a video somewhere with pages like this and I’m just crunching them for the camera but I can’t find it—here’s a link to a IFJM journal where you can hear the buckled pages making a great noise, though it’s a different type of paper.

    • Lael Sorensen
    • January 19, 2020


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