In Context: Changes I’d Like To Make But Know I Won’t

January 27, 2020
Brush pen and watercolor portrait, with acrylic marker background in a green-lined notebook. Apologies to Sandi Toksvig for not the best likeness, and the fact that the portrait simply fell on the same page spread where I had an unrelated (to her) epiphany.

In the above page spread, in the field of orange color on the verso (left) page, you’ll see the conversation I had with Dick about one change which I would like to make, but know in my heart of hearts I won’t make. 

Journals are great for capturing a perspective of our lives and dealing honestly with our shortcomings.

    • Mary Lou LaFloure
    • January 28, 2020

    Warm & fuzzy is overrated.

    • Linda Faber
    • January 28, 2020
    Reply – I love this “mature woman” portrait and was inspired to learn by drawing the same. This was so helpful re drawing hair (always a difficulty for me) and making shadows to indicate age. I’m pretty happy with my results, but more so with the experience. Thanks, Roz. Great practice.

    1. Reply

      I’m glad you found this interesting. I do think that I am in love with hair and I do spend time on that here with the brush pen). But I also get some nice shades in.

      The challenge for me in drawing women is always that my brush pen style can emphasize wrinkles very quickly. On a male face that is typically not a problem unless you’re sketching a 14 year-old male and make him look 40.

      But on women it’s more problematic.

      For me this sketch is about finding where the interesting bits are, noticing them, and trying to work out a bit of visual vocabulary to state them.

      That is always more important to me than the likeness. I think we learn more that way. And we can take that learning forward into future sketches, but more importantly we can take it forward into finished paintings where likeness matters.

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