In Context: Some TV Viewing Post Eye Surgery

December 11, 2019
Journal spread from a green-lined journal made a couple weeks after my first surgery. 

After my first cataract surgery it took about 10 months for the eye to heal and for a “scratchy” spot to on the eye to close up. On this page I’m still dealing with that. Or rather obsessing about it! Or trying not to obsess about it.

    • Jen
    • December 13, 2019

    I admire your stoicism, Roz, almost as much as I admire that sketch. Who doesn’t love a victorian beard?

    1. Reply

      Victorian beards are of course the best! Though current hipsters are doing a grand job of bringing them back, for now! These trends come and go. As for stoicism, I don’t know about that. I put my head down and work, but I scream in frustration a lot in the studio. You should talk to Gert and Cecil about that!

    • Stephen Rogers
    • December 20, 2019

    Roz, the blog archive doesn’t appear to be working. I don’t see a separate December 2019 link in the archive drop-down list.

    1. Reply

      Stephen thanks for the heads up about this, but it is working here, in fact I was just using it to locate some posts. Maybe it’s a temporary thing at your end, a cache issue? If you look in again on Monday and it still doesn’t work with me I’ll write over to the webdesigner (though I think he’s out for the holiday week already).

      Meanwhile, to find out the posts I’ve put up in December 2019 you can find it at this direct link which is working because I just pulled it up. Hope that helps. Hope you are having a good holiday season and getting a lot of sketching done!!!

        • Stephen Rogers
        • December 22, 2019

        It’s working now, not sure what the issue was. I have gone through a sketching dry spell in the second half of 2019 and am evaluating why this happened, so I can move forward strategically. This is why I’m happy to have taken a class with you, since I can come to your blog to reinforce the classroom teaching, i.e. your posts about goals, the IC, projects and the year-end review process. I wish you and Dick the best for your Christmas of changed circumstances. I have signed up for your Patreon and am really looking forward to strengthening my process-focus by viewing your processes, since I one thing I’d really like to work on is dealing with my IC by being more process-focused and less results-focused.

        1. Reply

          Stephen I’m glad it’s working again on your end.

          I’m sorry though to hear you’ve gone through “a sketching dry spell.” I’m glad the blog is helpful to get you back on track. Remember too you can go into DP group and mention this there and people will chime in as well. (In fact we’ve recently had a discussion about this and I’m going to blog something about “dry spells.”)

          Thanks for signing up to the Patreon blog. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

          And thank you for the Christmas wishes. We are going to be OK, we’ve been adopted by friends for all sorts of events and we will have to watch how much cake and cookies we eat! I hope you have a great holiday too.

          Draw something today, whether you feel like it or not. Remember you cat is posing for you whether you are paying attention on not, so take advantage of having a live-in-life model! And don’t forget to do your end-of-year evaluation and goal setting!

        2. Reply

          Stephen, don’t forget to read this recent post on plateaux!

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