What To Do When You Are House Bound

October 31, 2019
Page spread from a green-lined journal, post cataract surgery. Brush pen with watercolor.

This post isn’t really about what to do when you are house bound. It’s really about how I spent time when I was trying to work out how to use my eyes after cataract surgery, and then later immobilized by an accident which tore all the tendons in my right ankle and foot this fall.  

I watched every episode I could find of the “Great British Baking Show.” (In the UK it’s called the “Great British Bake Off.” Coming late to the party I don’t know if that is because the show moved channels with only Paul Hollywood remaining from the original cast, or because of US/UK legal issues.)

I enjoyed every moment of it. (I’m actually on the current season and have to wait for weekly episodes—URG!)

Page spread from a green-lined journal, post cataract surgery, brush pen and watercolor. In newer episodes Noel Fielding is one of the hosts and he frequently dresses up.

The show inspired me to devise my own new wonderful take on Baked Alaska (a longtime favorite of my for a host of private historical reasons).

And it helped me stay focused on the goal of house hunting, moving, and having a large and working kitchen.

Both the eye situation and the fact that later my right foot (think gas and brake pedals) was injured have kept me at home, moving from the studio, the computer, and the television in a sort of rotation.

I’ve tried to keep out of trouble. Really.

The pages and pages of sketches I made prove it to me. Just a heads up, you’ll see some of them on the blog.

Oh, and by the way, the “boots” they have now for injured feet, ankles, and lower leg bones—they pump up. It’s amazing. Totally comfortable to put weight on the foot when you’re in one. Last week when the orthopedic surgeon told me I could stop using the boot completely I actually felt a little sad. I’d grown accustom to my “pirate walk.”

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