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July 3, 2019

After my first eye surgery I struggled to get used to the corrections in one eye and living with the fact that the right eye cataract couldn’t be corrected until the next surgery; so what output am I capable of?

I also wasn’t able to exercise. So I watched a lot of television. I returned to the comfort-food way in which I journaled as a college student—black and white, lots of notes.

Journals are great for leaving breadcrumbs so you can find your way back to yourself, even as that self changes into something else.


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    That last statement is something I’ve found to be so true.

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      I’m glad that you have found so much benefit in the journal as well. Thanks for writing.

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    Hi Roz..
    I had commented awhile ago on your previous piece about painting with cataracts ..
    I had , finally , the second eye done, a month or so ago , and it truly is an amazing journey.. my dr. said that as I get used to the difference ( brain/ eye memory) , I will eventually not even “ remember “ or will just acclimate and it will all feel very normal ..
    I don’t think I will ever forget, the difference this surgery has meant for me , on many levels.. I think , mainly because we are artists, we take not one color or value or shade for granted… I hope your second surgery will go well and you will also feel the incredible difference and clarity that it can make very real ( grammar?? ) lol
    Take care and thanks for all your very informative pieces..

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      Nora, I’m so glad that you’ve had a positive outcome and hope that you have many wonderful years of sketching and seeing clearly. I’m glad the surgeries have made such a positive change in your life.

      I thank you for the good wishes, I had my second operation on March 5. (Today’s page spread is from quite awhile back.) Unfortunately I have permanent side effects which have made an impact on my work and life. I will write about them later this summer.

    • Buffie
    • July 3, 2019

    Drawing from movies on TV: my favorite guilty pleasure. They must be DVDs or on the DVR so I can pause to jot down some choice piece of dialogue. The *worse* the movie, the better I like it for drawing (think Hammer costumers from the 1960s). And black & white! The best. I have actually cribbed some really nice compositions and painting/drawing ideas from street scenes, sets, interiors (especially period), costumes, etc. To anyone who has never considered it, I say DO IT! Super fun.

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