In Context: Looking at the Arteza Watercolor Book Part 5

June 14, 2019
Pen and watercolor sketch in the large Arteza Watercolor Book.


On this page of my Arteza Watercolor Book I was testing fountain pens—using my Sailor Fude Fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink.

The pen moves well on the slightly textured paper. The ink settles quickly and doesn’t bleed when you add your washes. (I go in pretty quickly with my washes so I like it when ink dries quickly on a paper.)

Again I was working the watercolor with a 5/8 inch flat wash. (I can’t help myself.)

Oh, the lavender is some leftover Holbein gouache that was out on the palette. I think I just like the secondary colors triad. We all know I love perylene green! (Here a tube watercolor from Holbein.)

Below is a detail from the sketch.

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