In Context: Looking at the Arteza Watercolor Book Part 3

June 10, 2019
A direct brush sketch on this paper. Ink wash followed by watercolor with some white gouache.

Here’s a page from the large Arteza Watercolor Book I’m reviewing.

Nothing written on this page, so I’ll just spell it out. I started with direct brush ink wash, but wanted more, so continued with watercolor (with some white gouache added to some of the colors). Now you can’t see any of the ink wash.

All worked great on this paper.

More to come.

For the first part of the review of this commercially bound journal click this link.

And below is a detail look of a portion of the image. I was working with a 5/8 inch flat watercolor brush for both the ink and the watercolor.

And I was using left over watercolor. Sometimes I just don’t want to put the palette away!

Detail from the image in this post.

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