Another Portrait on Canson Heritage Watercolor Paper

May 6, 2019
Different solid fiber brush tipped pens and fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black Ink.

One thing I found that I really liked with Canson Heritage watercolor paper was the way a wide range of pens worked beautifully on its surface. (I was testing the hot press surface.)

In this portrait I used a fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Black and two Sakura Pigma Professional brush pens with solid fiber tips. (An FB and MB.)

If this paper were less expensive I would buy it just to do sketch studies with these pens. But unfortunately I live in the real world where that would be a rather expensive habit to encourage.

I can see myself buying a block once a year to have a little binge.

Note: The really light lines you see in the portrait are ink lines from the Sakura FB that is very dry and running out of ink. It gets almost a graphite-like quality when it’s at this stage. I hold on to the older pens for a long time as it is fun to start drawings with them.

    • Paul
    • May 6, 2019

    What a wonderful balance of line and brush strokes, and that hair!!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paul. Pens really do love this surface. I just wish the paper were less expensive. I bet it would be good for making books out of but even Blick has it at $7.20 a sheet. EEEEE.

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