Cooking Shows and Interesting Ears

April 5, 2019
Looking at contours and values and EARS while watching “Top Chef.” (In a lined notebook I’ll have a post on later in the year.)

Yep I sketch while I watch TV. I’ve written about it a ton on the blog in the past 11 years! 

Well one of the reasons I love to do this is I love EARS.

I don’t know if there is a “season” for cooking shows. New competition shows in cooking seem to start all the time, but my favorite is “Top Chef.” (You can search that title for tons of posts from “Top Chef.”) 

This year a young man with fabulous ears made it to the semi-finals. He’s in my sketchbook! I’ll remember him long after I remember who won. (Yeah, he had a beard too.)

A sweet young baker with fabulous ears, who went on to win the competition. (Hahnemühle Travel Journal—contains drawing paper that I enjoy painting on.)

There are also competition shows for kids in the kitchen. “The Kid’s Baking Championship” was one at the end of the winter.

Hopeful faces, stressed faces, you see it all on cooking shows. But if they have interesting negative space around their ears I’m going to sketch those chefs.

There are always journals and pads of paper in the TV room.

Often I’m not good about getting up and getting fresh wash water! Or I find that I used the leftover paint with contaminated colors…

But for me it doesn’t matter. I want to sit there and get something that I just saw down on paper.

Tips on Drawing from TV

Use this blog’s search engine for key words like television, drawing from television, etc. Here is just a small smattering of blog posts.

Tips for sketching without stopping the TV.

Use the blog’s category list and go to “Television.” You’ll find tons of things to watch on TV, plus lots of sketches, plus tips on drawing from the TV.

Don’t miss the Project Friday—A Movie-Related Sketching Project.

I have posts on what to do when you’re ill and can’t get out to sketch, posts related to different TV shows and sketch media.

I answer the important questions in life such as “Is it fun to sketch Ed Asner or what?”

Or “who the hardest working P.I. on TV is?” Really, you have to read this post. It’s one of my all time favorites and it’s way better than reading backstory or memoir. This is why I am the way I am and love the things I love. (Now go write about your passions!)

Check out I love Ve Neill  just because I love Ve Neill.

What’s Coming Up on Roz Wound Up?

I don’t know.

I’m writing today to tell you that at the end of March I published my last pre-cataract-surgery posts. I’d worked 10 weeks ahead. I’m now zero weeks ahead. In fact I’m only about 4 days ahead at the writing of this post. 

Dick and I expected that I would be back at the computer by now. I’m not. (Except today I simply had to write about chef shows.)

I will still be posting new images on the blog, probably two to three times a week, but lengthy involved posts, and in-depth reviews will be put on hold for now. I hope to share the folders and folders of stuff I’ve been working on with you at some point. It just needs time to be molded and thought about and I don’t have that time right now, as I think while typing, and I’m not typing.

I’ll probably refer you to some older posts like I did today in this post.

I’ve received all sorts of notes from new readers and it’s obvious they haven’t read all the posts yet, because I’ve covered what they are asking about. (Don’t they know there will be a quiz?)

So we’ll have a little review in the coming weeks, paired with current sketches. I’m also thinking about making some more videos for the blog, probably in the late fall.

Now it’s April and I’ll be spending the typing time I have with my new crop of drawing students. 

In May Dick and I will be taking a look at where my sight is and making a plan about going forward. (I will have a long post about the colonoscopy and about the cataract surgeries, down the road, just to give people a heads up about how those things went and some essential questions to ask if you’re facing either one!)

I’ll still mention the materials and papers I’m using, but I won’t be stopping for more than a very quick thumbs up or down.

The current class schedule is still good.  

For the first time in 11 years my free-time focus is going to be somewhere else, not the blog. (I’ll continue to post on Instagram if you want to follow me there.) 

I’m going to start by focusing on cycling outside! The bike was tuned up last week. I’ve been able to ride the inside bike this week. As soon as I can get my stamina back up from all this inactivity I’ll be on the road. I couldn’t be happier about that.

I hope you all have a great spring (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere; and a great fall if you’re not). I look forward to staying in touch.

    • Tina Koyama
    • April 6, 2019

    Glad to know you are looking forward to cycling! And good luck with whatever your other plans are! Your blog remains an endless wealth of info, whether you add more to it or not.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tina. I alway appreciate your kind words.

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