Hair Cuts and Their Aftermath

February 15, 2019
Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen FB in the small (approx. 4.25 x 6 inch) Hahnemühle Watercolor Book.

Nope I didn’t have a hair cut. I still have my braids.

Periodically I give CR a hair cut. He’s too frail now for me to load him into the car and take him to the female barber I found for him, and whom he grew to enjoy. Now he has me.

After the hair cut we sit around and chat. On this date Dick came along and he and his father chatted, I tidied the room (putting away clean clothes, sorting dirty clothes, and looking for the TV remote) and then sketched.

I have found the aftermath of a hair cut to always be a great sketching opportunity. 

I find something very satisfying in recording my hair cut handiwork in this fashion. It’s not just that I understand the dimensions of his head better, it’s because he enjoys having a fresh cut. It’s important to him.

It also gives me a chance to practice working on the problem of Dick’s eyebrows because he gets his eyebrows from his dad!

Sometimes it is very easy for us to find space and time to do something for someone that makes them feel better. I think that’s a good goal.

Don’t give in to the idea that you don’t have time to sketch and still spend time with your family.

(Note, or perhaps a disclaimer: I also have been cutting Dick’s hair since we started dating, because his barber would always cut up his neck. If you know Dick, his hair is usually in a state. I just want to point out, because I take hair cutting very seriously (and watch all of Tabitha Coffey’s shows), that his hair does look different when I finish with him. The only reason his hair looks a mess when you see him is that he doesn’t understand the concept of combs. I let that slide. Of course because I love him.)

    • Amy Forsyth
    • February 15, 2019

    This made me laugh. My family has a long tradition of home haircuts, as well. My mom gave my dad his monthly crewcuts, and I cut hubby Charley’s hair, as well. His is a challenge since his hairline has been moving around a bit over the years. So there are good and bad haircuts, depending on my state of mind and which direction I approach with the comb. He cuts mine, as well, so there is possible retribution. I start the front and then he connects the dots around the back. I can’t imagine him sitting still for a sketch after sitting still for the haircut, though. I have to sneak up on him to sketch him, usually while he’s reading.

    1. Reply

      CR doesn’t sit still Amy, he just moves very, very slowly, when he’s sitting and talking with his son! (He’s so blind and deaf now that he watches Dick like a hawk when they talk, alert to any nuances he can pick up. I just have to be patient—he returns to the same position. (Dick cuts my hair too! But that’s just a trim every few months so nothing fancy.)

    • Debra
    • February 18, 2019

    This is all so bittersweet. I love your sketches Roz. And the idea of a family who cuts each other’s hair! There could be an interesting story there. I’m sure you have many.

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