Roz Wound Up Online Class Schedule for 2019 Is Up!

January 10, 2019
Solid-tipped brush pen and watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Watercolor paper, cold-press, and not bright white—I don’t remember what they call their regular white! This is in a journal I bound with that paper in my #2017BigBind. You can see images of that bind on my instagram account. This sketch isn’t linked to a particular class, I just like it a lot. Use the blog’s search engine if you want to find  videos and images promoting my various classes.

I have posted the 2019 class schedule here.

You can access that page by going to the navigation menu under “CLASSES” and selecting “Classes 2019.”

There you will find a list of classes that are on-going which you can join any time, followed by a list of scheduled classes.

The scheduled classes are listed by month.

Please realize that while all the classes I’m teaching online this year are on this list registration is not yet open for all of them. In general registration for a particular class will open one month before the stated starting date for that class. (You’ll find those dates in each class description.) 

Currently registration is open for my February Simple Round Back Spine class which begins on February 15, 2019.

Some classes appear more than once on the schedule. Be sure you sign up for the section that you have time to participate in. Look for the name of the month in the name of your class session.

When selecting a scheduled class it is important that you set aside 30 days (or 6 weeks in the case of the Textures) class when you can devote time to the class. (In the case of my Drawing Practice class you will need to devote daily time to drawing. And the amount of time spent on daily drawing builds as the class progresses. If you’re traveling, or moving house, or preparing your wedding decorations that wouldn’t be a good time to sign up for that class!)

While you can continue to access the classroom after the scheduled time I won’t be monitoring the classroom for your questions so my response time will depend on other work commitments. Also you won’t be working with your classmates and you won’t be able to join in fully if you don’t stick on the schedule. Give this some thought before you sign up.

I teach classes for a mixed range of skills. In all of these classes which I’ve taught in person for years before bringing them online, I’ve had students of various skill levels. They all manage to derive benefit out of the classes because I am thorough and detailed. I provide step by step instructions when warranted. I give tons of background information.

My goal is not to train you to think and create like me. My goal is to give you solid foundational skills and detailed material and tools information. My goal is to help you understand how I create (or think about something like a particular book structure, or design), so that you can focus your own creative efforts toward developing a process that works for you. This will allow you to develop your unique voice. 

I hope you’ll take a moment to look over the classes and join me on a creative adventure this year.

    • Lesli Williamson
    • January 11, 2019

    Any chance you’ll be teaching a portraiture class soon?

    1. Reply

      It depends on how you define soon. Because of eye surgeries starting at the end of January I won’t be shooting any new class video in 2019. There is a possibility that I’ll do some portrait demos both in person and online in the latter part of 2019, but not a class. That all depends on how the eye surgeries go.

    • Kathleen Michael
    • August 26, 2019

    Thank you, Roz, for supporting and encouraging others to think and claim their power of determination.
    “Trust yourself.”
    “You know what gives you joy.”
    “Simply stop and listen…….”
    “Hear what you’re telling yourself.”
    “…..only what you determine, through experimentation, works for you.”

    Your desire to help others comes through in all you do. In other places you have said:
    “My goal is not to train you to think and create like me. My goal is to give you solid foundational skills and detailed material and tools information.”
    “. . . . so that you can focus your own creative efforts toward developing a process that works for you.”
    “Keeping a journal and sketching on a daily basis has allowed me [Roz] to keep joy and wonder in my life. I enjoy sharing this with my students and helping them to get over internal blocks that prevent them from developing this creative habit.”
    Again, thank you.

    1. Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post Kathleen and found it useful.

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