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November 21, 2018
My testing page in a new journal I had bound with Zerkal Nideggen. I wanted to do something on the paper in pen and watercolor to test if I was in the mood to travel with the toned paper. And of course then I wrote about my upcoming trip. (Working from a Sktchy Muse.)

Wonder how much of a Paul Rudd fan I am? I keep this lip sync battle on my desktop.

I recommend you blow it up full screen and watch it any time you’re tired, waiting on hold, pissed off at a client, stumped by InDesign’s bizarre (compared to Quark’s) tools and tricks, or just need some cheering up. I’m going to watch it again right now!

Don’t stop me now! I’m going to go rewatch “Antman” and then “Antman and the Wasp.”

Too much fun.

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    Thanks Roz. Loved watching the lip sync battle.
    I had a great sense of relief when I gave up on InDesign and went with Bookwright for my book.

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      So glad you enjoyed the lip sync battle! I have had to learn InDesign because of clients, but I understand you jumping ship. I would have stayed with Quark if they had only continued to keep it competitive. Sigh. I’m thinking of looking at Affinity Publisher for when I get “tired” of paying for Adobe products. Have you checked it out? It’s only in Beta right now. They also have a photo program and a “designer” package which seems to take the place of Illustrator.

    • Pam
    • November 22, 2018

    Thanks for that, Roz. I’ve loved Paul Rudd since his Mike Hannigan days on Friends, and I can’t believe I’d never seen that clip. Just seeing his adorable face always makes me smile, but that was amazing! As a graphic designer, I also relate to your frustration with InDesign. I have a love-hate relationship with ID. It does some things so well, but it’s often maddeningly counterintuitive. Thank goodness for, available for free through my local library (yet another reason to love libraries!), which has helped me immeasurably with navigating some of its idiosyncrasies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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      Pam I’m so glad that I could introduce you to this clip. It’s priceless!

      I spent 20 years on Quark and loved it so much, used it every day (including weekends) for 8 to 12 hours. It was hard then when the company stopped being innovative and listening to our needs to switch to InDesign, but of course if you’re going to work in the field you have to use the industry standard. Sometimes it seems to me I see in ID some flashes of PageMaker (which I used for 2 weeks because the company I worked for way back then bought a copy but the person they bought it from installed from a copied disk so she could keep the originals—and the program didn’t work so I ditched it to get my work done. Then it was Quark and I never looked back.

      It has been 16 years (???) with ID and I still don’t feel about it the way I felt about Quark. I found that the “Classroom in a book” series really worked for me, and then paying another designer friend to come over and sit with me for a couple hours while I set up and worked through some projects. (So if I got into a crunch she could point me in the right direction—work moves so quickly here!)

      Sometimes I fantasize about retiring and letting ID go. I have to say that I have been looking at the Affinity programs! We’ll see.

      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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    Hi Roz! Thank you for sharing that clip! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    I don’t think I ever thanked you for your thoughtful reply on Facebook. I commented on a post about how I was so star struck and awkward at SketchKon, and your reply made me feel much better. So, thank you for for taking the time to say that.

    Have you ever seen Wanderlust with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston? I thought it was hilarious! You might like it. It won’t beat Antman, or Antman and the Wasp,though.

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      I haven’t seen that one Wendi, I will have to check it out. Thanks.

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