Playing with Lines, Scribbling…

October 8, 2018
Trying something new—lots of lines, scribbled shading. Pen and watercolor on Arches Text Wove (Velin) in a 6.5 x 9 inch handbound book.

As the caption states, I was trying something new when I drew this. I used a couple different pens and then added watercolor washes. But when I was working with the pens I didn’t try to consider my lines carefully and keep them to a minimum—I scribbled. It was great fun. And I felt that I might enjoy working this way more in the future so for the next few days I did more work this way which I’ll show you in some future posts.

Some subjects lend themselves to this approach, others don’t.

And one has to be in a fussy mode when sketching this way. Often I am sketching to STOP being in a fussy mode.

I think the paper type is also hugely important to this type of sketch. The Arches Text Wove loves different pen types and encourages fussy!

At the very end of the process, since I’d lost most of my highlights using large flat brushes for watercolor, I added some back with a little bit of white paint pen. 

Here’s a detail of the image so you can see some of the layers.

    • Chris
    • October 8, 2018

    Roz, I have just discovered Arches Text Wove for printmaking and like it a lot. Does it hold up well to watercolor washes without buckling the sketchbook?

    1. Reply

      Chris, it holds up great to watercolor washes (and gouache or acrylic, or ink) with a really robust sizing that I love.

      That said—it will definitely buckle as it is a lightweight sheet.

      For me the joy of working on it really outweighs the issue of buckling. You can still work on the reverse side and so it doesn’t matter to me.

      I have two more images from this series coming out this week and I think you can see, if you look closely at the scans that there is some shadow being cast because of the buckling. If you want to take the time to weight things down you can typically eliminate that.

      I did the loveliest little plum not too long ago on this paper (in a journal I’d made).
      So you can see how fun it is to put in glazes.

      Also, if you look at this page you’ll see that there is an opacity issue that might bother you if you use have ink. (The images in this post are pre-2017 and don’t enlarge but you can see the image from the next page coming through.)

      When scanning if you simply put a black sheet behind the page you’re scanning it cancels this out. I always forget, and it’s not important to me, so…

      Read more about Arches Text Wove on my blog in this post

      And also simply go into the search engine and insert Text Wove and a bunch of posts will come up so you can make a decision if it works for you.

      Oh for some reason I didn’t see this post in the list—I did a lovely portrait, it’s the 2nd image in this post shown in the post both in ink and then with washes. And you can click on those images and they will go into an enlargement gallery.

      I’m a huge fan of this paper and I have friends who are calligraphers who do the most amazing mixed media work on this sheet with all sorts of pens and paints, in their books arts.

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