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More Scribbling

October 10, 2018
This is my second attempt at a scribbling style. I found it a bit more difficult here because this subject wasn’t wrinkling up his face. But it was still fun to play with different pens, including ball points with color ink.

When I use an approach that appeals to me or interests me in some way I want to try it again to see if I can apply it to different subjects.

After I sketched the image shown in Monday’s post I spent several days making experiments. I scribbled with all sorts of pens, with all sorts of ink colors. 

One thing I found was that if there weren’t a lot of wrinkles in the subject I didn’t find the scribbling fun. I was looking for reasons to scribble instead of simply finding places to scribble organically.

That’s good information to think about when choosing subjects for this approach in the future.

In the detail image below you can see some of the different ink colors I used, and the scribbling I did over the surface.

I found that I also really enjoyed using the odd colors I typically use when I’m working with markers. (Part of this is related to the palette that was out and sitting on the drawing board, but I was also drawn, in my mind to try these experiments.)

Detail from this post’s sketch. 

I am working again on Arches Text Wove (Velin) in a handmade journal. When testing a new approach I like to keep certain variables constant to get a handle on the approach. Typically I’ll keep the paper constant, then try to expand to other papers. I can be a bit fussy about liking certain media and approaches on on specific papers.

What I found is that my love of flat color took over and I actually started hiding the scribbles. Working against the texture I wanted.

I think this is a normal thing to do—default to a typical working mode. But if we want to change and bring new approaches into our sketching practice we need to keep experimenting. So I continued to scribble. I’ll show you another piece in  my next post.




    • Paul
    • October 10, 2018

    Another great portrait Roz! Along with the ink scribbling, I especially love the lively skin colours in the form and cast shadows.

      • Norm McGinnis
      • October 10, 2018

      These Scribble drawings remind me so much of Paul Calle’s work. He did large life drawings of the early NASA program. Very photo realistic pencil and ink work that was all scribbly lines.

      1. Reply

        Norm, I’m not familiar with Calle’s work (though maybe if I see it I will be because my brother was always interested in NASA and so I looked at a lot of NASA related stuff. I will go and check it out! Thanks.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paul, I really thought things went well with this one. As is often the case when the first experiment yields something you really enjoy you can spend a lot of time chasing the effect again before it gels. But it’s like you can see land from here!

  1. Reply


    Love the scribbling! Particularly appropriate for Inktober…. I also love your color choices on your portraits –especially this one. Unexpected and fresh.

    1. Reply

      I haven’t done any of these for Inktober yet I should!!! I started off Inktober with paper I didn’t like but thought would be good for ink and wash, and it wasn’t great, and I have gone on to Canson watercolor board which is fantastic, and also some other watercolor paper. I will see if one of the topics appeals to me in this way. The great thing about ink and wash is that I can finish something in under an hour, I did something the other day that only took 20 minutes! These on the other hand take a long time, at least 60 minutes and typically more, because I’m working out how I want to see things, and then sometimes covering it all up again!!! I’ll get back to it after Inktober I think. Hope Inktober is going well for you. (Someone needs to do her sketch for today! so I’ll stop typing.)

    • Jeannie
    • October 10, 2018

    Speaking of scribblings, I’ve been looking forward to this season again when the pumpkins come out. Your blog last November ( excited & inspired me, but the gourds were beginning to decline, and I only got a few sketched (they were so much fun and satisfying). This year, I’ve already sketched a small pumpkin in a diner, have inked pumpkins & jack o’lanterns onto an orange paint sample card for a Halloween card, and am about to sketch the winged gourds I bought at the grocery store. Thanks for your continuing inspiration. Happy Halloween!

    1. Reply

      Jeannie, I’m slo glad that you have been sketching gourds and pumpkins. This is a fun type of year because of all the interestingly shaped produce! It delights the eye and makes us want to sketch. Keep on!

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