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Housekeeping: I’ve Had to Clear Out Subscribers Whose Emails Bounce

October 27, 2018
Brush pen sketch on a Canson Mixed Media Art book paper. It’s a ring bound book I won’t buy again because the paper is too grainy in texture for me. I don’t like the way the pen feels on it.

Today I received a note from the plug-in company that sends out my blog emails—those notes you get from me now and then about non-blog topics (I haven’t had time to write many of those this year); and the newsletter which comes every time I post (typically 3 times a week).

They’ve told me that too many emails are bouncing. 

I don’t have time to purge the list right now so I have suspended sending any emails and will deal with the purging of the list in November when I have some free time.

In the meantime please check back every so often to see if there is a new post (as you won’t receive an email).

And also take a moment to make sure that your email program is accepting emails from my blog.

You may need to change the email you subscribed with? Do that by looking at one of the notes you’ve received from me—at the bottom of that email, below the social media icons, you’ll see a blue line you can click on to “Manage your subscription.”

Realize too that during this process of purging I may inadvertently purge healthy subscriptions. If I do, I apologize. If you haven’t received emails from me by November 20 that means you were accidentally purged. If you still want to receive the email subscription you’ll need to sign up again. (Use the form at the bottom of any page.)

Right now I’m not sure but I think I also have to kill “unconfirmed” subscriptions. That means when you first subscribed you were asked to answer back that you really intended to subscribe. This seems annoying but because of spam and some new EU regulations I have to give the opt in option and if you don’t I can’t keep you. If November 20 comes around and you still aren’t getting emails it means you’ll need to sign up again. 

Again, I’m sorry it’s annoyance, but I have to get into compliance with the mail sender or they will drop the account.

I hope you will continue to subscribe. There are a lot of changes coming up at the end of November and I would like to be in touch.

Now let’s all go sketch something. 

UPDATE 11.30.18 I have still not resolved the issue with my mail program so if you want to know when I post follow me on Facebook or just check back every week.

    • Lynn
    • October 27, 2018

    Got it Roz . Thanks!

    1. Reply

      Thank you Lynn.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for letting us know, Roz. If you accidentally purge my email subscription, I will definitely sign back up. 🙂

    • Agnes McLaughlin
    • October 29, 2018

    Hopefully this link will work this time… looking forward to read your brilliant blog posts!

    • Cynthia Sexton
    • November 7, 2018

    email removed for privacy

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