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Step By Step: Pen, watercolor, and Collage

August 8, 2018

I make sketches I call piecemeal portraits because I end up running out of paper and have to add paper to them. Typically I do this on loose sheets. But recently I’ve found myself doing it sometimes in my journal too. Today’s portrait is one that I made in my regular journal.

The journal is an 8 x 8 inch square journal I made with the OLD Gutenberg paper (130 gsm version). (Please note this paper was discontinued and then rebooted and the new paper is nothing like what you see in my handmade journals. Currently I can’t recommend the rebooted paper. If they fix the issues…)

Since I had just bound some of this into a book when I ran out of space on the page I pulled out one of my large left over strips of paper from the binding process. I attached it as a fold down to the page.

I’m sorry I don’t have more shots of the various points of creation. Once I start painting I typically forget to take more photos. I’m working on ways to get around this so you can see more of the process.

In the meantime you can see the main stages of this portrait. I sketched from a muse in the Sktchy app. You can see the photo reference if you view my Sktchy profile. (The photo copyright is held by the muse so I can’t reprint it here without permission. My requests typically don’t get answered because communicating directly in the app is image based, not message based. I’ve just given up asking for the most part. So go see my profile if you’re curious.)

The main reason I’m putting this step-by-step up is that several people who saw the final piece couldn’t understand why I said there was collage. I think you’ll be able to see it in the process.

Below is a gallery of the pieces from sketch to finished piece. It includes an enlargement of the final piece.

If you click on the numbers below the image you will scroll through 6 images with a caption on the top. If you click on the image itself you will scroll through larger views of the images and you’ll see captions at the bottom. If  you click on the x at the top right in that mode you actually going into a different orientation altogether. And if you click on the x at the top right in that mode you return to the original smaller mode. Whichever way, you get to see large blowups. (It has to do with the way the gallery app interacts with my blog. It hasn’t been a priority to get this glitch fixed. I appreciate your patience. )

This shows the sketch with the fold down held in place by washi tape.

Image 1 of 6

    • Kathleen
    • August 8, 2018

    Try sending your request toSktchy here:
    Lauren Winston

    1. Reply

      Kathleen, I’m sorry you misunderstood. My requests to Sktchy admin are always answered quickly. The folks running the app are very responsive.

      I was referring instead to the difficulty of getting contact with an individual posting a photo that I used as inspiration. There is no direct connection/messaging for that so you have to write a request when you post your painting and include a link to them (because muses are automatically notified when that happens), or you have to go onto their profile and find a random piece and comment on that to ask your question, or now with an improvement in the app you can go to the photo and make a comment on that, BUT that all supposes that folks are looking at the app daily.

      Some muses have stopped posting and so they may not look at the notifications in any timely fashion. And even when they do see a request to include their photo in one of your blog posts which shows you working from their photo inspiration they might think it’s too much of a hassle to answer you.

      I asked Lauren when I first started looking at the app if by posting images the agreement on the part of the muse was that we could include a view of the photo in our posts and tutorials when creating art from a posted photo. She replied that it isn’t implied or explicit in the agreement, so you have to ask…

      And that means waiting…

      And often never hearing back.

      So I don’t bother to ask now. And if I have a special event thing that I want to do I ask several muses in advance so that I know the selection of photos I can work from and show when it comes to that event.

      But this was just a sketch I was doing one night, and I didn’t bother to ask the muse. Since the app is free people who want to see the original photo can simply go on Sktchy and look at my profile, find my painting and see the image side by side.

    • Kathleen
    • August 8, 2018

    Like this portrait – the colors you chose and the depth in the face.

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. I love working on Gutenberg this way.

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