2018 Drawing Practice—Drawing Live Subjects in Public

April 9, 2018
Warm up sketches and a quick study of a puffin made while drawing from life at the Como Zoo in St. Paul.

 All my life, one of the most exciting, energizing, and simply fun experiences I’ve enjoyed has been while I’m sketching live animals. It doesn’t matter if I’m at home with a dog visitor (we don’t have live in models any more) or out and about in the field checking out wild turkeys or walking around the zoo! 

Sketching live subjects, including people, is exciting because it is the ultimate in the moment experience. And that’s the essence of visual journaling and sketching—being in the moment.

In my Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public class which you can read more details about here, I’m able to share the strategies I’ve developed for sketching life subjects. I discuss and demonstrate a variety of media that are perfect for sketching. We also discuss how to deal with the internal critic (that negative internal voice that stops so many creative people from reaching their creative potential). 

Registration for Drawing Practice is here. Tuition is $135.00 (Please read this entire post to learn about new options for this class in 2018.)

Sketches of Orangutans at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. One of the things we discuss in class is how to study your subject and create pages composed of many sketches, each capturing some moment of observation, and all useful in building your hand-eye-brain coordination, and all useful for working toward finished paintings.

Through demos and lecture and live webinars I help students understand what I think is the corner stone of every drawing practice—drawing live subjects! 

This year the class starts on April 29 and runs through May 28. Registration opens today.

It’s an intensive month of daily sketching and stretching to build a daily habit of live-subject sketching in your life. 

Not only do I love teaching this class but students love taking it. I have many students who have taken in multiple times because the class works on so many levels and contains so much information. Here’s what one student who took the class a second time wrote: 

Since [class], I have been drawing daily, increasing my drawing time, and really planning how I can continue to grow with this habit. I honestly could not ask for more. The details from class, from recommendations for further study to insightful memos about progress and plateaus, breakthroughs and choices, process and lack of judgment have helped me a lot. Best of all, I am excited about what is to come. Thank you again, Roz, Best online class I have taken—twice!

A first time student gave me the following feedback:

I’ve enjoyed the class very much. My two biggest take-a-ways from this class were: 1) How to understand and quiet your personal I.C., and 2) Nothing beats practice.

…You were able to help me see that the I.C. was not me—that had never occurred to me; and that I could change that inner dialog. You set me on the path to identifying the I.C.: specifically from whom, when and where it came. Once I did that, the road smoothed out considerably. I now recognize the I.C. is not wanted or needed, and in fact, is not helpful in any way. I now know I can set it aside using the tools you provided. This is immense! 

…As to how you structured the class, I found all the concepts to be well organized, discussed and demonstrated. And they built upon each other in logical ways. Actually seeing you work is a most valuable learning experience.  

If you’ve been thinking that it’s time for you to focus on your daily drawing habit, clear out the blocks to your creativity, and hone on your drawing skills I hope that you’ll consider signing up for this class.  

New in 2018—Mentor Edition Drawing Practice

While I’m in class daily answering student’s questions, nudging them into new ways to write and think about their art, it became clear to me that there was a need in past offerings of this class for an additional level. So in 2018 I’ve added the Mentor Edition—Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public. A limited number of students can sign up to receive video critiques of their homework each week. These students also have access to all levels of the classroom—the lectures, demonstrations, live webinars, galleries, and discussions. You can check it out and register at the link in this paragraph.

Regardless of which classroom experience you select I feel confident that this drawing class can change the way you think about and integrate your drawing practice into your life. I hope you’ll join me.

Registration for both sections of this class open today, April 9, 2018. Class begins April 29, 2018.

Click here to register for Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public. Tuition is $135.00.

Click here to register for Mentor Edition Drawing Practice. Tuition is $325.00. (Only a few spots are available for this level.)

Note: If you are traveling during this class month I recommend that you not take the class this year, but wait until you have more time. There is drawing time every day, which increases as the class continues. In addition there are lessons to watch and additional thoughts and information from me coming into your mail box.



    • Paul
    • April 9, 2018

    Love the page layout you have for the two sketches in this post. I also really like the idea of a Mentor Edition to this class. I will be away for part of this time period and I know how intense and focused your regular Drawing Practice class is, so I won’t be registering for it this year. Having taken every on-line course you offer I know your students will get outstanding value for their money, if they are willing to do the work. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paul, I had fun working at the zoo on loose sheets and a little piece of board, and then coming home and gluing them to decorative pages. These were the first sketches I made at the zoo since last fall when I got bronchitis, and the first standing and sketching session since I fractured my foot and tore up my ankle so I was over the moon that I was walking around and standing to sketch. Thanks for the kind comment about the quality of the class. I’m glad that you enjoyed it when you took it. I love seeing what you are up to now.

    • Jen
    • April 15, 2018

    Roz, another person here who has done this class and would love to enrol for the mentor edition. I am already over committed for May so have persuaded myself (with difficulty!) not to do it this year but I hope you’ll offer it again.

    1. Reply

      Jen, thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m glad you decided to trust yourself and not sign up because your overcommitted, you know it takes some work and attention to get through. I’m not sure what the schedule for this class will be going forward.

      Due to family events 2019 looks like it might be all classes self-guided or or hiatus until I can catch up with things. (We stopped filming the new classes when Phyl died, and haven’t been able to resume because of my finger injury.) Dick and I are discussing this right now (yes, even this morning) and I’ve changed the class page to reflect that for 2019.

      Since you’ve been in class before, however you can always run through the lessons again on your own and I recommend that, when you have a break in your commitments, just to “tune up.” I think that’s always a good thing. To have a personal project that is focused on tuning up and getting back to what our goals are. I hope you have an art-filled year.

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