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February 2, 2018
Mixed media portrait using a variety of pens, acrylic marker, and gouache, over a pre-painted textured background. (Stonehenge Aqua cold press 140 lb. Watercolor paper—a review of this paper is coming to the blog in February!)


Saturday, February 3 the next session of my “Textures: Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media” starts. It’s a six week class that takes you through my process for make pre-painted and textured backgrounds for visual journaling and other artworks. 

Registration closes Saturday at 8 p.m. (CST).

I’m really excited about the class. I’m excited about teaching this topic online because it allows the students so much more time to experiment with each phase and aspect of the process. Time is always so short when I offer these techniques in a one- or two-day seminar on a weekend.

If you haven’t taken a class from me you might not know how excited I am about the teaching process. I think that it’s important to be clear and thorough in my explanations and demos so that students come away with knowledge that sticks! 

In 30 years of teaching I’ve learned that my approach provides students with the best path to finding their creative voices and their own unique approach to visual expression. That’s a goal we all have as artists—to say what we need to say in a way only we can each say it.

I create my classes so that they spark creative thinking. Textures class is no exception—textures naturally create puzzles. They jostle up our thinking and approach to the page. They break habits which are holding us back from exploration. 

This week, in a lead up to my class I’ve shared some thoughts about how I approach my visual work with background textures. It’s one of the ways I’ve found to keep play in my daily practice. And of course I want to share the fun.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to join this class, here are comments from students who took the class in 2017 online. 

“This has been yet another class where I learned things I didn’t know I didn’t know. This class has opened up another set of horizons for me and I feel brimming full of ideas to try.” J (2017)

“You have a rare ability as a teacher to set a high bar and demand the best of us, generously sharing your expertise, yet not hiding your human side. Between this class and ‘By Design,’ I have more than enough ideas and inspiration to keep me going into the foreseeable future.” LB (2017)

“Your texture techniques have really helped me turn a corner.” EM (2017)

“I love the tempo of your class and the amount of information that you provide along with the demos. I feel as if I had taken a real ‘live’ class with you…I feel that my creative life has been rejuvenated by your class…” BL (2017)

“You set the bar so high other courses seem like a let down! Damn you!! I had no expectations on taking this course other than push myself and challenge myself in a new way. I like neat and controlled. Textures are not neat and controlled. It changes the variables of a designed page.  For most of the class I really was thinking , “what the hell have I done?” Then something magical happened. I saw the other students start to create the pages with their illustrations!!!  I see your logical process now that we are at the end and why things were introduced in a certain way. I feel this entire process will help me in my watercolor painting outside my sketchbooks for background, layering and color (I did not expect this….it is an added bonus)…Your true strength is in helping students find THEIR OWN PROCESS. Your final webinar on questioning and where to go, and the exploration plan was really worth the money for the course alone.” SC (2017)

“Thank you Roz for another terrific class. You always manage to teach me things I didn’t know that I need to know. This class complements your ‘By Design’ class so well. If anyone reading this hasn’t taken ‘By Design’ with Roz, you should sign up immediately. I feel like I have a zillion ideas to try, as well as options to try when my ideas don’t turn out the way I envisioned. I have ideas to try with clay too. I found this course both fun and challenging. The best!” SS (2017)

“Roz….THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU for another superlative class. I love the way you organized this class  with plenty of time for us to experiment and play and make our own discoveries. And, as usual, I loved watching your videos with your usual meticulous attention to detail plus your creative insights. It was an inspiring class in every way! You never disappoint!” ST (2017)

I’m Eager To Work With You

If what my students are saying resonates with you; if this is the type of online experience you want to have; if you love to experiment; come and join me in Textures, which starts tomorrow, February 3, 2018.

I can’t promise you that you’ll loose weight or gain muscle mass, become insanely popular, grow luxurious hair, add points to your IQ, get that next job promotion, or finally house train your dog (though I do have some ideas on that last which worked for us).

What I can do is create an environment in which you learn and play with a purpose. I hope you’ll join me.

Note: Lessons in this class build cumulatively. What you create in the first week you build upon in the next week, and so on throughout the six-week class. If you are traveling during the six weeks of class I encourage you to consider taking the class in 2019 instead. I want you to have the best class experience possible. While you have access to the lessons after the six week class ends, I have found that students do best when they work along with the rest of the class, sharing their discoveries and sharing in the epiphanies of their fellow students. 

Here’s a little detail of today’s image for all those gouache fans out there. Thanks to the cold press texture of the paper you can see some of the pre-painted texture showing through the portrait in various places like the forehead.





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    Hello Roz,
    I love your blog but for some reason I have not been getting email notifications when you post. I thought you had just been busy and not posting but now realize that is not the case. I tried subscribing but it says that I am already subscribed. Any ideas what the problem night be?I used to get the notifications regularly and would like that to start happening again. Thanks , Trudy

    1. Reply

      Thanks for letting me know about this Trudy. I will look into it. My mail program was recently updated so that may be what the issue is, but I’ll have to meet with my web guy before I do anything. In the meantime know that I’m typically posting two to three times a week and you could always stop by at the end of the week to check up on things. Thanks for reading. (Also I’m really glad you let me know because I have some newsletters that are going to start coming out again and I’d like people to get them!!!)

        • Trudy Mason
        • February 5, 2018

        Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully I will soon be getting notifications again. In the meantime I will check your site. Will I be able to see the newsletters there, or only if I get back on your mailing list?
        All the best, Trudy

    • Barbara Obergfell
    • February 6, 2018

    I too seem to have been dropped from your blog. I enjoy your posts. I took your last Round Back Spine class. I’ve bound Gutenberg (love it’s touch and speckled tone-my current sketchbook), Velin Arches (love the touch), Nideggen ( love the toned paper and how it works with ink), and I just finished tearing 90lb Fabriano Artistico. I’m having such fun! Thanks. Please reinstate me to your blog.

    1. Reply

      Barbara, I’m in the process of trying something to see if the notification system is fixed. (Sunday, Feb 11). Things are going out slowly. If you haven’t received a notice about a new post posted today on RozWoundUp by LATE TOMORROW, Monday, Feb. 12, please write back because then I’ll have to find something else to do.

    • Carmel Campbell
    • February 19, 2018

    Hi Roz,
    I have also dropped out of the email notifications. I entered my email again to follow. However, no email confirmation came through to confirm my subscription. So I don’t think my subscription came through. I am sorry to trouble you with this. I see others have had the same problem.

    1. Reply

      No trouble, I’m glad to hear what’s happening. I’m still working on the problem and keeping my fingers crossed as I mentioned in my other response to you, to see if the list was saved. I hope it will be resolved by next week.

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