Ink Wash on Pre-Painted Background Textures

January 31, 2018
Brush pen and ink washes on top of a pre-painted background texture. This sketch of actor Yannick Bisson in “Murdock Mysteries”was done directly with the brush pen. Then ink washes were added. I worked on Fabriano Artistico Cold Press 140 lb. watercolor paper. My taping of the frame was a little wonky on the bottom! (I used Nichiban masking tape, which removes like a charm from this paper.) The pencil notation in the bottom left, visible in the background texture is my paper type label—I was testing a lot of cut up sheets which no longer had their watermarks and I wanted to keep my notes straight. 

Textures make me smile. What can I sketch on one today? I ask.

Detail showing the ink and ink wash over the pre-painted textured background.

The other day I made this brush pen and ink wash sketch on a pre-painted background texture. I love the way the yellow bits of textured background show as a glow here and there while the warmer reds come through as warmth on the face and ear. The serendipity of working on textures always makes me smile.

Don’t forget—if you’d like to learn how to make background textures to support your visual journaling and your mixed media work I have a class starting on February 3. It’s a six week class in which I lead you through my process and introduce you to working with a bunch of tools and media. You can read about Textures 2018: Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media here.

Note: If you work digitally but want a more “analog” look to your digital work, these textures allow you to keep working with traditional brushes and paints and add that look into your digital work.



    • Susan
    • January 31, 2018

    Textures is a great course. If you haven’t taken it you should. Just saying…….

    1. Reply

      Thanks Susan! I appreciate it.

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