In Context: Notes, and Lists, and Sketches All Together

January 19, 2018
A page spread from my Hahnemühle Watercolor journal that I tested. I’ll be posting a review soon!

For today’s in context post I wanted to show you how when I need to make a note and work out which new pigments I want to buy and I’ve left my list at home, I simply sit down and work it out in the journal I’m using—even if it contains watercolor paper.

Above you see me working out which additional colors I wanted to add to a set of watercolors (list at top left where I’ve crossed two colors off because of course I don’t want to use them—though I did relent and ended up using hematite eventually).

Since I’d left my list of pigments that I wanted to add at home I asked Darin (co-owner of Wet Paint) if he had a Schmincke catalog and color chart I could sit down with. I’d been starring at the pigments enough that I came up with a bunch I could quickly add in for interest.

I’ll write more about the second box of pigments I put together at the end of 2017 in another post. (I found some fun colors to work with.)

Take a look at the pigments in your palette—are they working for you?

We’ll talk more. In the meantime use up those pages.


    • Cathy
    • January 21, 2018

    Looking forward to your results! I bought the second edition of Wet Paints square tin Schmincke. I really like the more muted colors, they are very rich. However, the perylene red is too opaque and doesn’t mix well. Would you have any suggestions on a replacement that would work with this set?

    1. Reply

      Cathy, I’m sorry I like perylene dark red (#344) and don’t think it’s too opaque for mixes. The fact that it’s semi-opaque and semi-staining haven’t been an issue in my mixes. And I’ve particularly enjoyed using it with complements and near complements to make some rich darks.

      I can’t really give you a replacement that would go “with this set” since I’m not sure how you are using the set, but what follows are some recommendations you can use as a starting place to see what fits for you.

      I would recommend you try #355 Transparent red Deep. (PR144) it’s a warm transparent dark red and the Schmincke catalog lists it as their warmest transparent red. (They call it transparent in their text, but they use the semi transparent symbol, which is the designation between transparent and semi opaque.) I think it’s very vibrant and I miss having it on the current palette I’m testing.

      You could also try #343 Quin Red Light (PR207) which is transparent.

      Also #342 Vermillion Light (PR188) is another of their transparent red paints, a bit warmer still. I find this too orange and rather bland when mixing, but it is a warm transparent red.

      They of course have a range of cool reds, but since this is one of the warmer reds on my palette I’m assuming you’re using it in a similar way for purposes of this discussion.

      If you go to this link which is their brochure PDF you can download it or view it on line and look at their full range of reds to see which suits your color needs best.

      Page 17 has a colorimetric chart of their colors so that you can see which are close to others and so discover a starting point for your search.

      Happy testing.

    • Cathy
    • January 21, 2018

    Thank you very much Roz! I think I might have to give Perylene red another look since you seem to like it, lol! I hope your foot and ankle are healing nicely!

    1. Reply

      Well second looks are often useful. Try it in all your color mixes on a sheet of waste watercolor paper (the back of something you aren’t saving, or a scrap you cut down. Do the blob test I like to do. One “puddle” of one color on the right, one on the left and mix them to draw out the new combos. See this blog post for a visual

      Then you’ll see, with only a few minutes play, whether there are colors you can make with it that look like what you want to work with. And when you test the new reds I suggest you do the same thing.

      As for the foot and ankle, I’m hoping to try on REAL boots tomorrow and see how it goes. (The doctor told me to keep the “Boot” handy, I don’t care for that, but we’ll see.)

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