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The Online Class Schedule for 2018 Is Up!

December 30, 2017
Mixed media journal page using background techniques from my “Textures” class.


I’m sorry there haven’t been any new posts for a couple weeks! There were problems with the blog’s loading speed and some other issues so I had to have someone fix all that.

I think the blog is now working the way it should. I’m able to work faster to create posts, and the posts should load more quickly for you.

To get back into the swing of things I’ve just finished putting up the online class schedule for 2018. You can find this schedule by clicking on this link.

If you ever want to go to the schedule when you aren’t reading this post simply go to the navigation menu and select “Classes” and then “2018 Schedule” from the pull down.

I hope that you will take a look at what’s coming up. Classes are listed by topic, not by date. 

First up on the 2018 calendar is Textures: Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media. Registration for this class will open on January 8, 2018. The class, which is 6 weeks, will begin on February 3, 2018. On the class schedule you’ll find additional information about this class, a PDF of class supplies, and a registration link. I hope you’ll check it out. If you’ve ever wondered how I create those backgrounds I’m always painting on, this is the class for you.

In the meantime, check out the other classes and their starting dates. 

I’m off now to write some blog posts and catch you up on what has been happening.

    • Dana Burrell
    • January 2, 2018

    Yes… it’s super fast again! Is there a new layout too? I seem to remember the newest post being much larger and centered. I like this better, seems more intuitive for me being a left to right reader. Heck, I even take eggs out of the fridge from left to right.

    1. Reply

      I’m glad it’s fast again! Same layout though. It might be that your browser window was sized differently and that made things come up a little different from how you remembered.

      I’m relieved, but I still have so much work I’m behind on because of all this. It will be easier going forward.

    • Dana Burrell
    • January 3, 2018

    You’re right… the home page is the same. I see I actually bookmarked the slash-blog page instead.

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