Making A Paper Hinge To Adhere Loose Pieces Into Your Journal

September 21, 2017


A couple weeks ago I posted a journal piece which used a paper hinge to add a loose, double-sided scrap of Stonehenge Kraft into my journal. I posted the image composited so you could see both sides at once, but this confused some readers.

Today I’m posting a short video showing me actually creating a paper hinge. I hope you find it helpful.

If the insertion of the video doesn’t go well you can view the video on YouTube at this link. (This is the first time I’ve added a video on the new blog design.)

    • Dana
    • September 22, 2017

    You’re very welcome Roz.

    1. Reply

      THANK YOU!!!! You have kept me gluing. Now I’m still looking for an alternative. To spread the UHU Purple’s you sent further I have been doing a lot of “gluing” of things like large sheets (sometimes I keep New Yorker covers for instance in my large studio journal) with Tombow permanent adhesive tape! I’m at the point in age where I think that if it does all fall off the pages it won’t matter to me. But I would like something easy. I might have to try paste as Maartje above suggests.

    • Maartje de Boer
    • September 22, 2017

    Hi Roz,
    Interesting video 🙂 I wanted to comment on the UHU glue stic. It consists of mostly a poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) with some poly(vinyl alcohol), with possibly a presence of an amine or amide that contributes to the odor of the product. Have you tried starch paste to adhere the Japanese paper with? In my practice – book and paper conservation – I use this all the time. Chemically friendly and the molecular structure is very close to cellulose (paper). You can control the amount of moisture by diluting with water – or not. And if you need a very small quantity, you can prepare it in the microwave. There are ready made starches on the market, but I don’t use them because they contain a preservative. So I can’t recommend a good one there. Starch is available on Talas, but I also found that they sell Uhu Glue stics 😉 Hope this was useful! Best wishes, Maartje

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      Thanks for the suggestion of starch paste. The one’s I’ve tried over the years have had different smells that don’t bother others but do bother me. And commercially available starch pastes seem to have floral additives for the customer. A killer for me. It’s probably in there with the preservative.

      I’ve always also found that the moisture issue with it has been a problem for me. It’s something I’ll have to revisit since I can’t get the UHU it’s discontinued.

      The UHU glue stick you are seeing on Talas will be either the white stick (VERY ODIFEROUS, in a bad way) or the BLUE stick which has replaced the Purple stick. It’s the Purple that I use. The blue also has an unpleasant odor (to me) which makes it impossible for me to use it without an instant headache.

      They discontinued the Purple stick about 2 years ago and I’ve been using my stash, purchased before I knew they were going to be discontinued, and some sticks sent to me my a glue angel who gave me all she had of the purple sticks! I’m on my last stick. They all stayed well in double plastic bags and didn’t dry out, but this is the end.

      What I’ve also found is that sometimes sellers of the glue sticks use the PURPLE IMAGE but when you get the glue they send you the blue or white because that’s what they have.

      Thanks for the thoughts on paste.

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