Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public—Class Begins April 30, 2017

April 7, 2017
This is a pen and watercolor sketch made from life at the Minnesota State Fair in 2016. In class you’ll see me demonstrate sketching live animals at the Fair!

Do you wish you had a daily drawing practice? Do you wonder how to approach sketching live subjects? Do you want to join in the fun of sketch outs but you feel self-conscious sketching in public? Is there a nagging voice in your mind telling you that your sketches always fail?

Beginning April 30 I will teach my popular month long class Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public. This class gives you the tools you need to improve your sketching skills, your ability to see and judge values, and your comfort level working in public from live subjects.

You can register for this class right now by clicking here. Registration closes on April 29, at 11 p.m. CDT.

Each week from April 30 through May 28, every Sunday and Wednesday a lesson will open. Each lesson contains handouts and video demonstrations.

You’ll be expected to draw for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. As class progresses and you do more sketching in public you will build your stamina and sketch out for longer periods depending on your schedule.

Daily drawing from life (or certain types of still life subject material we’ll discuss) helps you build a daily habit of sketching. Studies show that in 28 days of doing something we form a habit—I have structured the class so you can experience this.

Besides the lessons there will be webinars so that you can ask me real time questions. These are taped and become a permanent part of the classroom.

I’ll be actively involved in the classroom during the month of lessons, making sure that you keep moving towards your goals. But even after I’m no longer in the class every day, you will have lifetime access to the classroom, you will be able to review the materials whenever you want, and you may still submit questions to me.

The pace of the class is fast but fun. If you are planning a trip or vacation during the first month of class I strongly encourage you to wait and take this class when it is offered next.

While you can review past lessons whenever you like, it’s important that you keep that daily habit unbroken during class, and there is great benefit working along with your fellow students to be both inspired by them and to learn from the questions and discussions their raise.

Here’s a brief video about the class. Please note that the dates in the video are for 2015. In 2017 your new lessons will be released on Sundays and Wednesdays. And you will have lifetime access to the classroom. (This class will next be offered during 2018. The schedule is not yet set.)

Who Would Benefit From This Class?

I’ve had students of all skill levels in this class. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and need a solid foundation of approaches to practice, or if you’re skilled but looking for ways to make your daily drawing habit a reality and get out in public. The class will help:

  • Anyone interested in improving his drawing and observational skills, regardless of current skill level.
  • Anyone interested in working with live subjects and sketching in public.
  • Anyone interested in creating a durable daily sketching practice.
  • Anyone interested in ways to build momentum in a sketching and journaling practice.
  • Anyone who needs strategies for dealing with his internal critic.
  • Anyone interested in developing a new vocabulary and dialog about his art practice.

Supplies List For Class

There are no required supplies for this class. You can work with any sketch media you desire.

However, I will be demonstrating with certain media, and I also recommend what I think are essential materials for the best results or for quicker skill acquisition.

You can download a printable PDF of the Suggested Supply List for this class by clicking here.

A supply kit is available through Wet Paint. I try to arrange kits as a convenience to the students and I do not receive any financial consideration if you purchase supplies from Wet Paint. (You will need to purchase your supplies before April 21st to ensure delivery before class begins.)

If you have additional questions about online classes with me please read this FAQ.

I look forward to working with you to help you establish your daily drawing habit and t0 discover how to set realistic and achievable goals for your drawing life.

    • Cathy
    • April 7, 2017

    Roz, just a FYI, the links at the top Bookarts, visual journaling, etc, do not work, at least on my ipad. Wish I could take one of your classes, but life has interferred!

    1. Reply

      Cathy, thanks for the heads up. I checked those headings in the Nav. bar on my iPad. Book Arts works on my iPad, but V.J. is very touchy. You can hardly touch the heading, and the list sometimes quickly disappears. So on my iPad it works, but not as easily and not as it is supposed to. I have a meeting with the tech guy next month and I’ll ask him about it them.

      I hope sometime in the future things change and you can take a class with me.

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