Another Word about Fluid Hot Press Watercolor Paper (not Fluid 100)

March 21, 2017
Very quick sketch of an interesting hairdo. Water-soluble ink on Fluid Hot Press watercolor paper. (Not Fluid 100). Paper texture patterning shows up here in the washes. Click on the image to see an enlargement and you will see the patterning especially visible at the bridge of the nose and in the cheeks.

I’ve been doing a lot of sketches in free moments, to decompress from the computer-internet connection issues I’ve been experiencing lately.

I’m using up papers that I have on hand. I’m finding 10 minutes here and there to sketch. Often I’m sketching while waiting for the computer tech to come (there isn’t a lot I can do without the computer right now as I’m preparing the upcoming classes and that’s all done on the computer). Dick isn’t home during those times and people rarely even walk by the house. For convenience I’ve been working with photos on Sktchy. (I put them up on the iPad and sketch from the screen.)

This sketch reminded me what I do NOT LIKE about Fluid hot press watercolor paper—it comes in “Easy blocks” and also in wire bound journals but not full sheets. Global Arts I believe is the manufacturer. They don’t seem to have a name designation for this paper except that it doesn’t have the 100 in the name like their top-of-the-line-paper Fluid 100.

On a brighter note—I have loved using the Fluid 100 Cold Press watercolor paper.  Fluid 100 is their 100 percent cotton rag paper. (You can see how fun brush pen is on the Fluid 100 at this link.) The Fluid 100 cold press finish is lovely, but not so textured that you can’t write on it with a fine pen. I’ve torn down a bunch of sheets of it to make books. I’m looking forward to that.

This original Fluid watercolor paper that came out in “Easy blocks” has a pronounced texture when you wash over it. If you look closely at the detail of this image you’ll see there is a sort of waffle pattern that appears. It’s very annoying and shouldn’t be present on hot press paper.

I have a bunch of this paper purchased at a sale long ago and not used. I wrote about this issue months or years ago (I actual forget! But that’s what search engines are for).

Still, I really want to use up this paper so I will continue to use it, I’ll just save it for pen sketches without washes.

I enjoy working on the cold press paper of this “lesser” grade paper.

But be aware, if you’re using their first paper, the one they first brought out, the hot press has this annoying pattern on it!

Note: I posted this today instead of Wednesday because I hit the wrong key while I was closing the file to talk to the tech support who had just arrived—so you’re getting two posts today.

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