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Happy New Year—Make 2017 A Year of Sketching

January 1, 2017

161017_RegDHunterCRBRLeft: Pentel Brush Pen and light washes of gouache on a Canson watercolor board (9 x 6 inches) with Montana Marker background. Reginald D. Hunter is a comedian/entertainer.  

I cut one finger pulling boxes down (paper cuts!!!) and cut another picking up something sharp. Typing slowly.

But that’s OK because all I wanted to say today is what Reginald D. Hunter said. (See image at left.)

Of course I hope that means you go out and sketch, but if you aren’t a sketcher…you get the message.

New Year’s Day for me is a day about doing a little bit of everything I love to do. It sets the tone for the rest of the year. I’ve written about this a number of times on the blog, so if you’re curious about how this pans out for me use my blog’s search engine to find “New Year’s Day” and you’ll find lots of posts to give you a push out the door.

Because that’s where you need to be today, and everyday—out in the world creating, and setting a great role model.

Smile at the folks who stop by. Ask a child who’s watching you if she sketches and then encourage her regardless of her answer. Let her know it’s a great thing to do. Reassure some adult lurker who keeps chiming in that’s he’s left-handed and could never “draw like that freehand,” that he could, that it’s practice, that he could start today. Be so inexhaustibly full of the joy of sketching that people come and sit next to you just to sit in your energy.

If the peanut gallery lets their internal critic out let your enthusiasm overwhelm their internal critics. And if their internal critic asks your internal critic to dance, remind your internal critic that you have a dance partner—your journal, your pen, your brush. 

Be out in the world today, and everyday of 2017, creating.

And watch out for sharp objects!

Happy 2017.

    • Jeannie
    • January 1, 2017

    Happy new year, dear Roz! You are an inspiration. Your teaching on SBS has helped me a lot, and I got up my nerve this year to sketch in public. Aiming for new drawing adventures in 2017! — Jeannie

  1. Reply

    Thank you Jeannie, I’m glad you could get on and read this. Typepad has had some problems in the past few days! Hurrah you’re sketching in public. Keep going. 2017 Sketching more and more!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Alison glad you could comment even with Typepad’s problems this week. I appreciate you reading along! Have a great 2017!

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