Throwback Thursday: My Favorite Necklace and Fun with Holiday Cards

December 15, 2016

1980sHolidayCardAirplaneNecklace-All3Left: The full holiday card, probably 1985 because we didn’t have the girls yet. And they became the focus of our cards. You can see the cover, inside panel, and back panel. Our cards always had a back panel. That “Priceless” bit—didn’t I ever tell you about that? When I first came into the family I handmade all the cards I gave to people. Dick’s grandmother always asked, “How much did it cost?” and would turn the card over. So from then on this appeared on the backs of all the cards I did. The figure is a doodle I did as a child, a pilgrim who morphed into a Munchkin, which of course is one of Dick’s nicknames for me. See the detail image below for the necklace.

I think the caption above pretty much tells you what you need to know.

I sent out holiday cards every year until Dottie died, and even I think a couple years after that—until I found a stack of stacks of (not a typo) different cards Dick hadn’t sent to his portion of the address list. Sigh.

1980sHolidayCardAirplaneNecklaceDETLeft: See oval area for detail of airplane necklace.

I’m posting this today because someone asked me about this necklace—it’s my favorite of all the ones I ever made. And it was of course the easiest to make. I just bought the airplanes. Had DIck drill holes where I wanted, and attached them to the large plastic chain, and created a closure. Bingo, bango. It pretty much captures my fashion sense. Also it was very colorful. Each part of each airplane was a different bright color guaranteed to appeal to little kids and the kid in this designer.

I found a bunch of these cards (yes, ones that Dick never sent out, that I had taken back and set aside) when I was cleaning out the back storage room shelves while clearing the studio. 

I apologize that even when you click to enlarge the image it isn’t great and is only in black and white, but this is the only existing photo of that necklace (unless someone wants to pipe up that they shot me wearing it at some event in the 1980s). 

Another reason to post this today is that the end of the year is fast upon us and so many folks have different holidays to celebrate. You might not send out cards—maybe you do a holiday letter!?

Well that’s perfect because that leads me to one of my favorite posts—“Roz’s Dirty Little Secret.” Which is about holiday letters. I wrote it in November 2008, just a few weeks into the start of my blog.

Why is this one of my favorite posts? Well, it has a holiday card of the girls which is pretty fun; an image of another holiday card I did with a Gocco Printer showing what a curmudgeon I am; and a REAL, TRUE, conversation I had with the phone support at Harry and David when I tried to buy PLAIN Moose Munch.

There are things that even I cannot make up!

But also in that post I come clean about what I feel about holiday letters. And I think my blog is basically about me coming clean about how I feel about things.

You can check it out and see if you agree. 

Either way, I hope you have a Happy Holiday, whichever holiday that may be for you. Or as Stephen Colbert put it, “Marvel Clambake.”

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