It’s That Time of Year Again—Puffy Coats

December 5, 2016

161202_mariasCRLeft: A Sakura Pigma Profesional FB (Fine Brush) Pen sketch in a small (A6) landscape Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook which I’ve turned so that the gutter is horizontal and I have a LONG vertical to sketch in.

It happens every year—the temperatures drop (I do live in Minnesota after all) and I find myself in waiting rooms where often there are no people, but there is always a coat rack.

And many of those coats are “puffy” because they are baffled shells containing down, or Poly-Fil.

They are fun to sketch.

I didn’t have time to add color to this sketch because my wait was over. But I did have some time to get in a bit of shading to document this puffy coat, hanging with its brightly colored striped wool scarf.

The substantiality of uninhabited fabric is great fun to sketch.

I have been using the Sakura Pigma Professional FB (fine brush; a solid tipped brush pen with a fine brush point) a lot since the Minnesota State Fair. It really works well on Hahnemühle Nostalgie paper, even when the pen is starting to run out of ink.

Whether it’s time for you to start sketching puffy coats or you find yourself surrounded by sunbathers because the weather is warming where you are, I hope you have some fun looking at fabric.

Note: Update on the Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbooks—Wet Paint is the exclusive U.S. retailer of these books and they have just received more stock—they now have all 6 sizes. (Three portrait and three landscape orientation sketchbooks.) I purchased an A6 portrait this weekend when I was in the store. It’s a lovely size. While it’s small, there is a nice width to the page that allows me to compose my page and stay away from the gutter. I’m looking forward to using that size more and more for my daily-walking-around-town size journal in 2017. (And nope, I’m not connected financially to Wet Paint, I’m just letting you know where I’m purchasing my supplies in case you want to try something.)

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