Eyebrow Update: Another Gouache Painting in the Nostalgie Sketchbook

December 12, 2016


161126_Dick-stubbleCRBRDetailAbove: Gouache sketch in a large A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inch) portrait orientation Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook. Dick sitting on the TV room couch. Direct brush painting (orange paint) then some areas of gouache added—using up paint and not getting white paint out.

Left: Detail from todays image.

Some days I think the journal page says it all. So you can read it there. His eyebrows remain a concern. Dick doesn’t shave on the weekends and that does give me a chance to work on a vocabulary for stubble.

    • Sheryl C
    • December 12, 2016

    You repay him by rendering him ruggedly handsome! I just love this one – it’s so exciting (it’s the colors, I think).
    It’s been a while since I posted so let me take this opportunity to thank you again for sharing your knowledge, experiences and philosophy.

    • Lynn
    • December 13, 2016

    I don’t know what I love more on this one: your painting or your writing. Both made me happy.

    • Kathleen Lands
    • December 13, 2016

    You do repay him by rendering him ruggedly handsome, I totally agree! Besides, what other Minnesota engineer has such a fan club?! For his eyebrows no less! We love Dick <3

    • bilby
    • December 13, 2016

    🙂 makes me smile 🙂 I needed that:-)

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    • Paul
    • December 13, 2016

    I love it when you “fuss” with “junk” paint, such a lovely play of colourful light and dark contours!!! The blue eyes make this portrait come to life. Love the page spread design too :o). Looks like you are enjoying the large Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook?

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    Well, I don’t think my sketches do him justice, except for this sketch

    But it’s kind of you to say so. And he isn’t complaining so I guess I’ll just keep going. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! Thanks for reading!

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    Lynn, thank you for these kind words. I’m going to post them over my desk!

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    Thanks Kathleen, and yes, it’s kind of funny, Dick does have a fan club. We laugh because at Wet Paint one of the staff started calling him “Mr. Roz.” It makes us laugh that people know him through me, when I write about art materials and he actually goes into work and saves the world every day (yes, he’s a super hero). (Seriously he has more positive effect on things than I do.)

    I’m grateful every day that he lets me work out what is going on with those eyebrows!!!!!

    (Because, also seriously, they need to be documented.)

    He isn’t the only Minnesota Engineer to have a fan club however—His dad, CR has one now too!

    Thanks for reading and writing in. You made my day.

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    bilby, I’m so glad! Thanks for writing.

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    Thanks jacki!

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    Paul, don’t encourage me to fuss. Paint is cheap compared to time remember!!! I need to just get up and put out more paint, but sometimes you just don’t think that what you’re starting is going to take more than 10 minutes, and then, several bad choices (paint and color) later well it’s time to hunker down and just go at it.


    Am I enjoying the large Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbooks???!!! YES!!!!!!!

    You Bet.

    I sure am.

    I’m going to draw in it the moment I stop typing th…

    • Sharon Nolfi
    • December 13, 2016

    Dick sounds like a great guy, but he gets repaid for his effort by having the pleasure of your company. You’re an awesome woman, having wit, intelligence, and a sense of humor. Thanks for sharing these bits of domestic bliss. They make me smile every time.

    • Diane
    • December 14, 2016

    You may be a complete Shit but that was a wonderful tribute to your spouse! This morning I found myself starting to complain about mine than stopped and just said But he puts up with ME and my nonsense. Sounds like you too found yourself a winner.

    I just looked at your classes page and see nothing yet for 2017. You are one of my favorite teachers. I take your classes even if I think I have only a slight interest in the subject. Your design class has opened my eyes to so many things to think about even tho I have exactly NO interest in making or publishing a book or pamphlet. Makes me look at my simple pages in a new and more exciting way.

    However I am ready to think about 2017. Hope you will be doing something new in the new year. And thanks for your generous offerings in the past.

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    Well, it’s a comfort to think that Sharon. We’ll see. He does at least understand my sense of humor.

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    Yep, that’s the thing Diane, they do put up with us. And we put up with them.

    Thanks for the comment about my teaching. I’m so glad to hear it.

    I’ve been side tracked with family stuff and haven’t finished the new courses I want to offer this year. When they are done I’ll put up a new schedule. I’m sorry it’s not convenient for planning purposes but so much is up in the air right now.

    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the design class. I think that it’s always good to think about design and how it touches our lives in so many ways.

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