Was He Tired Or Was I? (Eyebrow Update)

September 12, 2016


Above: Quick sketch of Dick in the TV room. I used a non-photo blue pencil in the Seawhite Sketchbook.

I'm still scanning away stuff from the Fair. And I've had to be away from the studio for a while, so just a quick post today.

Dick looks pretty tired here and I wonder why. Perhaps because it's late at night. Perhaps because the light is harsh. He was swimming all summer at an outdoor pool on the weekends and he ended up getting quite tan (even with the sunscreen). Perhaps it is my focus on the white of his hair against his darker, usually pale skin. But whatever it is, it's a good likeness with only the forehead a little high. (OK, maybe a lot too high.) I love using this non-repro blue pencil.

You can compare this sketch to one I did with the same pencil a month before—Dick looks very young in that one—and it's only a 5 minute sketch. So maybe the point is I should work fast and not fuss at all because that adds age.

I still haven't finished the Seabright Sketchbook. I've been working on boards and of course had the Minnesota State Fair break from my regular journal. 

I will give you a full rundown about this journal/sketchbook in October. I'm going to focus on filling it up now!

Other exciting news about paper coming up this fall, but that's all I can say right now.

    • Paul
    • September 12, 2016

    Lovely delicate rendering and very informative to see those light initial searching lines beside the final bolder contours. Thanks for another great lesson!

  1. Reply

    Thanks Paul, I love those searching lines too, it’s why I love this pencil so much. It’s like touching the paper. I still love pen and ink, but this is too fun. Thanks for writing.

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