My Cunning Plan To Be Ageless and My Function on Road Trips with Linda

August 18, 2016


Above: Me in my favorite Gortex jacket—the one I went through two of when tracking with the girls; which has a very nifty zip open back that allows for a fanny pack and keeps that pack dry. Photo ©2004 Linda Koutsky. I love this photo—the balance Linda achieved in the composition. She has such a lovely eye.

Yep, that's me in 2004 in a photo that my friend Linda Koutsky took as I stood in a deserted quarry (where we should not have been, but it's the geologist in me and the rockhound in her, and we are always skating close to trouble). (Funny how I'm always the one in the photographic evidence.)

This is sort of like a throwback Thursday entry, but last week when I took clothes out of the closet to pack for a very short trip to a destination of uncertain weather, I got this jacket out and I realized, since this photo was sitting on my desk (Linda had recently found it), that it seems my grand plan for being ageless is to always wear the same clothing two sizes too big and maintain the same hairstyle and head gear (here a seasonal polar fleece ear band).

So good is my camouflage (date camouflage that is, it's obvious I stick out like a Waldo with a red scarf in this quarry) that Linda wasn't sure which trip this had been taken on. We settled on our trip to Pipestone. I was looking at the Ecco boots trying to remember when I wore those soles out. The Gramicci pants I can still wear (though the cuffs are frayed and there are more paint splatters on them now). And that jacket. The BEST jacket in the world. I have stood for hours in the pouring rain with the girls in that jacket and it still repels water.

The hair is the dead give away. I have more gray in the mix and that's where my camouflage plan falls apart, as I won't be dyeing it.

Of course the eyeglasses are a give away too as to calendar date. But I've solved that too (I hope). I found a pair of heavy in your face frames that I love and have been buying them since 2011. I feel I've come home.

OK, so what about my function on road trips with Linda? I'm her 5'3'' marker for scale! Really.

I have other duties. I read all the road signs aloud. (Something only Linda and Dick find amusing.) And I'm pretty much up for all sorts of exploration, including into deserted quarries. Heck, I'm always dressed for it.

I think the best plan for life is to not care about the gray hair and the frayed cuffs, and to be grateful everyday that you have friends who like to go adventuring. And if you're making a plan always carry some extra cash for bail even if you never need it. Just in case. If you're making a plan that is.

And don't even ask about the jacket—it's no longer made. I know, I tried to buy another when the spare was stolen. Bad news, but hey, Karma—because whoever stole it got the one that I'd tracked through briars in. I mean real Sleeping Beauty Briars. The girls were tough. The first rainstorm…well you get the idea.

    • Miss T
    • August 18, 2016

    Great story, Roz!

    • Cathy Inzer
    • August 18, 2016

    Thanks for smiles!

  1. Reply

    well even if you dont end up using the money for bail, you can use it to maybe bribe officials at quarry sites :p

  2. Reply

    Sounds like a plan Jennifer!!

  3. Reply

    I love your plan for staying ageless. I sometimes feel that way about our travel pics: I’m always in the same hat and sunglasses and they all sort of blur together… Keep thinking I should buy more hats to have some variety, but I never do.

    • Sharon Nolfi
    • August 19, 2016

    Yes! Gray hair and frayed clothes – my look exactly! Fun to be alive!

  4. Reply

    ha! I thought I was the only one who read the road signs out loud…

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