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Join Us for the Eighth Great Minnesota State Fair Sketchout

July 25, 2016


Above: The button for this year's sketchout. Artwork copyright 2016 by event organizer Marty Harris. Participants in the sketchout will receive a fabulous rectangular pin-backed button with Marty's great artwork. Wear it proudly at the Fair as you sketch, save it as a memento—along with the great sketches you put in your sketchbook! 

It's time to get serious about your August calendar and your sketching plans. The Minnesota State Fair opens in almost exactly one month and that means it's almost time for the sketchout!!!!!

There is no event in Minnesota that provides as many sketching opportunities as the Minnesota State Fair. People? Yes. Animals? Yes. Architecture—YES, YES, YES—everything from historic to quirky. Events? Yes! People exploring the sights, enjoying the thrilling rides, relaxing and listening to the many musical events. Did I forget the parades??? In fact everywhere you turn there will be something to sketch. From butter sculptures to "Finding Nemo" balloon characters on sticks being carried by excited children of all ages. Everywhere and anywhere you look you'll see something to sketch.

And don't forget there are refreshments of every sort imaginable whether you like sweet, salty, or savory. And just about everything comes on a stick to make it even easier to keep sketching while you eat! (Seriously a lot of the foods come on a stick. It's a Fair tradition.)

There's no reason not to show up and sketch. And thousands of reasons to come and sketch.

Saturday, August 27 and Monday, August 29 come and sketch at the Eighth Great Minnesota State Fair Sketchout.

There are meetings BOTH DAYS at 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to touch base with other sketchers, share work, and find a sketching buddy.

All skill levels are welcome. We want to see what catches your eye at the Fair. We want to hear your Fair Stories. Join in the fun. We'll meet in the outdoor food court between the Ag-Hort Building (Agriculture-Horticulture, you know, the building where the Crop Art Show hangs) and the Food Building. See the map below


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    Hi Roz – Can you post at the Under Ground Artists League on Facebook? Here is a link:

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    I did this for you Marty, but forgot to send you a note here! Hope a bunch of you will join in the fun! See you soon.

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