Paris, Je t’aime—A New Sketchbook Facsimile from Lapin

June 29, 2016

If you’ve viewed the art on chances are you will have seen the lovely sketches of Lapin. He works in ledger books so column lines in red and blue printed ink show through the delicate colors of his ink and watercolor sketches.

Periodically he has compiled these into journal facsimiles so that the reader can take a closer peak into his sketchbook as he travels.

He’s just released a new facsimile called Paris, je t’aime and it’s marvelous. The book is approximately 8.5 x 6.5 inches (landscape format). It’s the perfect size to hold and flip through, to follow the artist as he makes his way across Paris sketching what catches his eye.

See the cover and several page spreads from this sketchbook facsimile on Lapin’s blog.

I’m sorry I didn’t know in advance that he was doing a lottery that I could have told you about. I found out about the book from a French friend and was able to order the book through Amazon in the US.

The book covers a 30 day sketching visit when the artist returned to Paris. It’s the best type of “travel” sketchbook because you feel as if you are actually seeing the city with the artist. You’ll see landmarks and tourist points, and out of the way places you’d probably miss unless you had a French friend to show you around. You’ll also see sketches of his friends and other people he meets. All of the sketches were made on location.

This is a beautiful book.

If you love sketchbooks and visual journals, if you love travel, if you love Paris, I really think you want to take a little trip there now with Lapin and see it through his eyes. I think you’ll be entertained and inspired.

    • Faith McLellan
    • June 29, 2016

    For those of living in France, it can be ordered from, under this title: Paris, je t’aime : Balade croquée. Thanks for the post, Roz!

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    I bought it from Amazon the day it came out. I follow Lapin on Instagram so knew about it. It’s fantastique as the French would say. Great sketches. I love trying to translate the conversation bubbles which are in French though the rest of the book is in English.

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    Margaret, I’ve got just enough of my high school and college French left that I can read the French bits.

    Did you know there are sites you can type one thing in and have it translated for you?

    I bought a couple books by a German artist (my high school German was never good—the teacher we had taught us a lot of folk songs) and I’ve used one of those sites to translate passages that I wanted to understand. So you could do the same with the French bits in this book.

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