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Get Ready for the 8th Great Minnesota State Fair Sketchout—2016

June 16, 2016

StateFairMeetingLocation copy 3

Above: A map showing the meeting place for the Sketchout meetings.

This year there will be two days of fun.

Saturday, August 27 AND  Monday, August 29

On both mornings at 9:30 a.m. There will be a meeting to give sketchers an opportunity to meet companions to share the Fair with. Coffee & mini donuts.

At 4:30 p.m. each Sketchout day there will be a wrap up meeting to share work.

We’ll meet in the same location for all meetings—between the Food Building and the Agriculture/Horticulture Building.

It’s a rain or shine event. (There are plenty of barns and buildings to go into and sketch if it rains!)

Just like past years all you have to do is pay your entry fee to the Fairgrounds—the sketchout is free and open to everyone who brings a sketchbook and wants to sketch. (You can work on loose sheets if you want.)

There is a public event page on Facebook that you can go to. Mark that you’re attending, join the discussion.

You can reach the coordinator Marty Harris through the Facebook page.

Who are you likely to see at this event? Anyone who sketches. In the past we've had people from Urban Sketchers Twin Cities, MetroSketchers, the MCBA Visual Journal Collective, and friends of friends and work colleagues and PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER SKETCHED IN PUBLIC BEFORE but want to, and so on. 

In short you will see people of ALL skill levels working hard (but having FUN) capturing what they see at the Fair on paper with a variety of sketching tools.

I’ll keep you posted of any news that I hear as it comes up. I'll remind you closer to the date, but why don’t you go to the Facebook page and sign up right now, because you know you want to. And if you put it on your calendar now then you won’t double book yourself and miss out on all the fun.

Look, I don’t think it is ever too early to start planning for the Fair. If you’ve never sketched at the Fair before then you might want to read some of my past blog posts on the topic.

I put a bunch of links to my favorite Fair posts in the Minnesota State Fair Round Up page.

I explain what to wear, what to pack (for supplies and other gear), how to select a journal to take with you, how to make spin art (!), and most important—how to observe and approach sketching with animals and people who are too busy working (or having fun) to stay still for you.

Additional posts can be found on my blog if you go to the category list and click on “Minnesota State Fair.”

Now I’ve got to go—I need to go think about which type of paper and which medium I want to take this year!

    • kath
    • June 16, 2016

    So excited, we will have poultry again at the county fair here in Upstate NY this year! It was sad and lonely without them last year. Happy fair sketching to you all!

  1. Reply

    Thanks kath!

  2. Reply

    Hurray!!!! I look forward to seeing you! I am deep into my “goals and objectives phase, which will help me select an appropriate paper.

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