New Custom Schmincke Horadam Gouache Sets Have Arrived at Wet Paint in St. Paul!

May 5, 2016

If the above video doesn't run you can view it at this link on YouTube.

A short while ago on Facebook I let a hint drop that something very fun was going to be happening in May concerning gouache!

Well it happened May 4, 2016. The new Schmincke Horadam Custom Gouache Set arrived at Wet Paint in St. Paul, MN.

Earlier this year Wet Paint's manager Darin Rinne asked me if I would like to select a new custom set of this paint. Of course!

Sets always come in at a great price and that means more people can try gouache, fall in love with gouache, and make gouache so popular that Wet Paint will stock it forever! (That's my goal because I like driving over to Wet Paint and buying a tube whenever I need one!)

I selected colors for this set that would be useful for color theory and for artists interested in using a palette of warm and cool primaries. Not only will these colors get you started but you'll be able to grow in your understanding of gouache with them. (And who doesn't want to do that? Come on, it's the most fun paint ever!)

Once the details of the set were worked out with Schmincke (this is an exclusive set for Wet Paint), I still wasn't allowed to say anything as the arrival date wasn't known yet.

Imagine my excitement when I learned they had come in.

What's so great about Schmincke Horadam Gouache? Well it is smooth and luscious and easy to work with. It is packed with pigment and doesn't contain opacifiers. You can paint light washes with this paint or layer it on. It doesn't crack like some other brands. And Schmincke's colors are rich when mixed, not cloudy. It also has no unpleasant or harsh odor!

Even more exciting, you can put it in your own pans and rewet it when you take it out into the field (I talk about putting it in pans in the short video, but the video also tells you how you'll get more information about this paint when you buy the set).

The other great thing about the set is the price: $129.99 (the MSRP is $268.75).

So which colors come in the box?

Purple Magenta, Scarlet Red, Vermillion Tone, Indian Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Helio Turquoise, Helio Blue, Delft Blue (which is PB60 if you're wondering), Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White. 

I cannot say enough good stuff about this paint. It's the best gouache I have ever used (and I've used every gouache I could get my hands on my whole life).

I think that every day I get to paint with this paint is a great day, so naturally I try to paint with it every day. Sure, like any new medium you have to learn its quirks, but when you do, well it's probably the most forgiving paint there is. I was writing about just that very thing yesterday on the blog, not knowing what a great day it would be today!

If you have ever taken a class from me, or if you read this blog regularly, you'll know that "Fun Factor" is huge for me. I like to experiment and push myself, but I also like to have fun in the process and this paint allows me to do just that.

There hasn't been a better time to try gouache.

Right now at Wet Paint there are 200 sets of Schmincke Horadam Gouache waiting to go out into the world. Watch the video to learn about the secret surprise. Then decide if it's time to start having fun with gouache!

  1. Reply

    Very clever idea to use the magnet tape on the pans… I had to have this set and managed to snag one of the first 200 🙂

  2. Reply

    Where do you find the magnetic tape?

  3. Reply

    Elaine, this is a new set (not the earlier set which had my nature journaling colors, though there are some colors that are in both because I love them so much and they are needed for color theory).

    There are only 200 of this new set, so maybe that’s what you are referring to.

    I don’t know that they will do another run of this set.

    But whichever set you have I hope you are rocking the paint!!!

  4. Reply

    The tape in the video is stuff they sell at Wet Paint which I used (everything I own seems to come either from WP or REI). But you can find such tapes at hardware stores. Look for tapes that say they have really sticky adhesive and high magnetic strength.

    • Miss T
    • May 5, 2016

    Great video, Roz, and it looks like a wonderful set.

    • Tom Nelson
    • May 5, 2016

    If you get some on your hand you have to gouache up

  5. Reply

    I love you Tom!

  6. Reply

    Thanks Miss T, you know how giddy I get surrounded by just a few tubes of gouache, imagine the outtakes with me surrounded by boxes and boxes of the stuff!!! Each box full of possibilities.

    • linda welch
    • May 5, 2016

    Such a fun video–thanks for the smile this morning! I’m off to order this new set. I have the last one you put together and I love it!

    • Mary cochran
    • May 5, 2016

    Great idea to put this set together, Roz! Looking forward to the gouache class. 🙂

    • Sue Segal
    • May 5, 2016

    Would you tell me what gouache offers that differs from H2Ocolors & acrylics? I’ve never used gouache.


  7. Reply

    Sure Sue, there are many differences but I’ll address the ones that matter to me.

    Gouache is opaque watercolor. I like opacity and I like working on toned surfaces.

    Gouache (traditional gouache, not the newer acrylic ones) is watersoluble all the time. This means you can put the paint in pans (if you use the kind that rewets well and Schmincke does), and use it in the field without it drying to an unusable state in your pans like acrylics or acrylic gouache would do.

    It has a matt surface when dry that I think is lovely, but it’s also a wonderful ground at that state for color pencil and I used to do a lot of color pencil work on top of gouache.

    Quality gouache like this allows me to do both light translucent layers not unlike watercolor, but different, so I get “two paints” out of it.

    Because it is always watersoluble you don’t have the issues with field work you would have for keeping your palette fresh and your brushes clean that you would have with acrylics.

    With Schmincke there is no unpleasant odor—all acrylic brands of paint have some odor and there are few I can work with for long periods.

    I think that covers it from my likes and dislikes. You can click on gouache in the category cloud of my blog and see many examples of how I work with it.

  8. Reply

    Sue, in addition to my previous answer to your question I forgot to add that in gouache you can work from dark to light with the light going ontop of the dark. In watercolor you typically work from light to dark. See this example here

    And that also shows the type of texture you can get. Texture is important to me.

    • Tina
    • May 5, 2016

    Wow, exciting! Love your unboxing with gusto! Two comments:
    1. I use tiny blobs of museum putty instead of magnetic tape to adhere my half pans to my tin. That way, the “tin” doesn’t actually have to be made of metal.
    2. I have heard and seen you in several videos before, but every time I do, I am startled by your voice, which does NOT, in any way, match your writing voice (that I hear in my head). It’s kind of like reading a book that gets made into a movie, and the actor playing the protagonist doesn’t look anything like what the character looked like in your head. (This is nothing to do with you — just a comment I couldn’t resist making.)

    – Tina

  9. Reply

    Roz, I ordered my set of Shminke Roz Stendahl Very Special Gouache Paints today. THANKS!

  10. Reply

    Bill, that’s too funny. That’s exactly what I thought we should call it, but I was over ruled!

    You are going to have a lot of fun with these.

    Let me know what you do!

  11. Reply

    Tina, great idea with museum putty.

    Re: item 2. You’re startled by my voice! Heck how do you think I feel? In my head I sound just like Sir Ian Mckellen!!!!

    What a shock to me!!!!

    • Barbara
    • May 7, 2016

    Roz, that is a great set with a great selection of colour.

    I have a question about squeezing the gouache into the pans: is there a trick to avoid it cracking up into bits when you put it into the pan?

    I filled my first pans up to the rim and after it dried, most of the paints just dropped out of the pans again. They do rewet fine, but it makes carrying them in my travel set really messy.

  12. Reply


    Woo Hoo! Mine is on it’s way. 🙂 Can’t wait until your gouache class next year …. (hint, hint).


  13. Reply

    You’ll love it Linda! Have fun.

  14. Reply

    Thanks Mary. I wish I could film faster!

  15. Reply

    Barbara, I write about this and many other things in the handout available to those who buy this set—but it’s also here on my blog. To save you a look—if I want dry paint I fill 1/3 and dry, 1/3 and dry, and 1/3 and dry and off I go. And you want them filled all the way to the edges. but you don’t have to be all the way up to the top on the final.

    Have fun.

  16. Reply

    Have fun Evie, you’ll love these colors!
    I’m still translating that class to online!

    • Barbara
    • May 9, 2016

    Thank you very much for sharing that advice!

    I would have loved to get the set, but since I am on another continent altogether, that doesn’t make sense. 🙁

    Thank you too, for sharing all the other information on this website generously and being so inspiring. Without you I would never have dared to set the pencil aside and sketch life animals in ink and it taught me so much.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  17. Reply

    Fun video. Off to check out the new gouache colors. Oh wait I already have most of them but ya never know I do like a cute box and a grea dog painting. ?

    • Janine
    • May 14, 2016

    This is the deal of the century!!! And to think I was just on the brink of ordering the Caran D’Ache studio gouache set. I have place my order and now can’t wait til it gets here!!!

  18. Reply

    Margaret, if you’re really going through your paints right now you might want to pick up the box even though you have the colors—the price is so low. And when these are gone, well there’s no plan right now to do this again.

  19. Reply

    I’m glad you read this post in time to take advantage of the great deal!

  20. Reply

    I ordered the set last week. This will be my first experience with gouache. Today I tested them as per your special instructions. Here’s a link to my test on Flickr in case you want to take a peek. I can hardly wait to try these paints on location. Thanks so much for the suggestion and handout.

  21. Reply

    Jim, try also the scarlet with the turquoise. I find I can get a really rich dark with the two of them. And the dark purple I get with the magenta and the turquoise can be used as a neutral too just because of the strength of it’s dark value. Have a lot of fun!!!!!!

    • Irene
    • August 2, 2016

    Oh please say that there will be more of these sets on the way.

  22. Reply

    I’m very sorry Irene, but the set was a one time thing. There are no plans to do another set at this time.

    • Bonnie
    • September 23, 2016

    Well I’m sorry to hear this…after I’ve spent a lot of time reading and being convinced by your enthusiasm for gouache and deciding I’d like to give it a try ?

  23. Reply

    Bonnie, I’m sorry you missed out on the set, but it’s no reason not to give gouache a try. Start with a limited palette of a warm and cool of each primary and white and you’ll have more than enough to get going on what will be a fabulous adventure.

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