Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out for April

April 12, 2016


Above: One of the sketches I did at the March Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities Sketch Out at the Union Depot in St. Paul. It's ink and watercolor in a Pratt FlexBook Sketchbook (the 6 x 8 inch or so). I warmed up with a couple pages of pencil sketches but I really wanted to go right to ink. What caught my attention here was the blinking blue light beneath the bench. There are hook ups for charging and using all the digital equipment people travel with these days. OK, the beard also caught my attention.

Saturday April 16 is the upcoming sketch out for Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. You can read about the location (Saint Anthony Main) and see a map for the meeting by clicking here.

The event runs from 11 a.m. with a meeting at 4 p.m. to share work. This is only the second event this year—plan about 30 to 50 minutes that you'll be at the meeting depending on the turn out.

I've been way behind in scanning and posting things and so today I've posted images from last month's outing.

160320_D_Woman-and-coatCRLeft: Woman with her coat—and the shiny reflection on the polished floor. (Pen and watercolor on Fluid hot press watercolor paper. Normally I don't carry two books, but the FlexBook Sketchbook isn't made for wet media so I wanted to have a back up. It was good I did this because the FlexBook Sketchbook spread took a long time to dry.

This was an unusual sketch out for me because I stayed in one place the entire time—and sat at a table!!!!! (I was tired after being in the hospital with CR for so many days.) And I did a lot more talking than I usually do. People would stop by and chat, or sit at the table. It was a great day. There are lots of talented and fun people involved in this group. Come out and have some fun!

Below: More young people I saw sitting and waiting at the Union Depot. FlexBook Sketchbook with pen and ink (verso) and Pentel dye-based (watersoluble) brush pen and watercolor (recto).


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