Join Me for “The Simple Round Back Spine” beginning May 1, 2016

April 2, 2016

RoundBackSpineNoBorder copy 3

Above: Examples of the Simple Round Back Spine structure. The book at the left and front both have recessed labels which we'll create in class. We will discuss other labeling approaches like the back, right book in class.

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Whether spring has just started where you live and it’s time to make journals for your summer adventures outside, or winter is approaching and it’s time to stay by the fire and sketch it’s always the perfect time bind some sketchbooks.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your journaling and sketching habit or you have been filling journals for years,  you’ve probably wished that you could make a lovely, elegant, sturdy journal with paper that holds up to your working methods, in a size you love. A structure that will open flat on a scanner!

In this detailed class I will take you through the creation of just such a journal. I will teach you about paper grain, tearing paper, punching sewing holes, folding and sewing your signatures, and every step of creating the book cover and casing in your text block. The videos show each step clearly. I provide explanations for the “why” behind my approach so that you can come to understand binding more completely. 

Students will work at their own pace. Some students finish a book in the first two days of class, others work throughout the month on one book. You can decide when you want to work. I will be active in class throughout May to answer your questions. 

Class is geared toward the home bookbinder who does not have large presses and other expensive binding equipment. With only a few simple tools you can bind your own books.

For class purposes students will need to work with specific supplies so that I can ensure you learn the fundamentals and end up with a sound structure. But you are then encouraged to continue to make books throughout the year to solidify your knowledge. During that phase of class students branch out into different sizes and different papers. I will continue to check the classroom during the year to answer questions and provide suggestions.

Additionally there will be four live webinars. Students will be able to ask questions and be part of a live discussion. (Don’t worry if you live in a different time zone. The webinars are taped and can be viewed at the student’s convenience.)

Classroom access to all the videos and classroom discussion lasts for at least one year from the class starting date. You will be able to review the tapes again and again as you continue to make books during the year. You will be building a durable skill.

I hope that you will join me to discover how fun and satisfying the binding process is. 

Note: While this book structure is totally suitable for collage work, if the majority of your visual journal work is collage I would suggest that you wait a few months to take my Sewn-on-the-Spine Journal class. That class is perfect for the sketcher who needs a structure that accommodates even dimensional collage. I wanted to give you a heads up that this class is coming because I realize we all need to budget our money and our time.

Additional book structures will be featured in upcoming classes in 2017.

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Take advantage of a discounted supply set from Wet Paint—available through April 25, 2016 to ensure you have your supplies at the start of the class.

Just need to pick up the paper and a few items we'll be using? Click here to Download the_Supply List PDF.

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