I’m Posting My 2016 Fake Journal on the Official International Fake Journal Blog

April 20, 2016

If you would like to see the project I've been working on during my free time in April you can go to my other blog and see the first entry for my 2016 fake journal here.

This year's theme is "Shift in Place" and I'm doing very little shifting and I did very little preparation—It's what I suggested everyone do in order to move people away from the feeling that they needed to create a comprehensive narrative during the project. That isn't what the project is about.

What is the project about? Well if you want to learn more about it you can go that link and click on the informational posts at the top of the blog. 

You can also see a webinar about the event that Diane Gibbs at Design Recharge did with me.

And because Diane and I got side-tracked in our discussion she did a second interview with me and I think I stayed on topic. You can see that interview here.

I posted entry one yesterday and entry two today. I am getting my project done every day but didn't have time to scan. A new entry will continue to go up each day now until they are all up. Sometimes I'm posting about process. It's all watercolor on watercolor board. And of course there will be a self evaluation at the end of the project. I usual let the project sit for a couple weeks. That will be on the other blog as well.

You will also find a list of people who are publicly posting their fake journals this year, in the sidebar of the other blog. There's also a Facebook group for participants with people posting there. It's always amazing to see what people come up with.

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