Getting Caught Sketching

March 25, 2016


Above: A quick (less than 5 minute) sketch using a .04 Sakura Sensei Pigment Liner with Daniel Smith Watercolors on Flexbook Sketchbook paper. (The couple left before the paper dried enough for me to put the shadows in, and this paper needs to be totally dry or it bleeds through. If it doesn’t get done on site it doesn’t get done.) (I scanned the spread before finishing the spread because the granddaughter asked for a copy of the image. I took notes from a meeting at the top of the left page, but had to leave the meeting when a Sharpie pen used by the person next to me caused a reaction.)

Tuesday after transferring CR to transitional care (he'd been in the hospital for five days) Dick asked if I wanted to go and get a sandwich.

We went over to Cecil's and while we were waiting for our order I sat and sketched like always. This time the woman across the dining room “caught” me sketching her. I smiled at her and kept working. I was actually still sketching her husband when she caught me.

After she finished eating, while her husband went to pay, she came over and and said, “I saw you sketching, I think you were sketching me…could I see?”

She was so sweet. I said, “Yes of course,” and showed her. “I couldn’t resist your husband’s beard."

She told me she was an art major in college and that she didn’t sketch any more so of course I went into bossy mode and told her she needed to start carrying a sketchbook around again.

She smiled and I hope that she will. I pulled out a business card and told her to look at the posts about sketching on my blog.

She told me that she had grandchildren who sketch and they would love to see my sketch. I told her to email me and I would send her a jpg. (Her granddaughter actually did write that evening.)

Then she left and brought back her husband so he could see the sketch. I complimented him on his wonderful beard. He really didn’t know what to make of me. But when he said his wife used to be an art major I told him, “Encourage her to start carrying a sketchbook again.”

    • Alison A
    • March 25, 2016

    Thats lovely, you probably made her day… I hope she does too

    • Miss T
    • March 25, 2016

    Great story, Roz, and a great sketch!

    • Muriel Areno
    • March 25, 2016

    Great work, Roz. I hope she starts again too.

  1. Reply

    Love this, Roz. Like to have a little sketchbook in my purse so that I can do what I call a “sneak sketch”. So much fun and you really remember where you were….

    • Linda Tennant
    • March 25, 2016

    You might have just changed a life. Another seed planted. Yay, Roz.

    • Julana
    • March 26, 2016

    I hope she gets a sketchbook and takes it up again, too. She may live to be 100, like Beverly Cleary.
    A young, inner city 3rd grade teacher saw me sketching in the oil change wating room yesterday. Her students love art, have problems with conflict resolution, and are doing portraits in art. She thought they would love the illustrated journaling I showed her, and had never heard of online classes. She told me research shows creativity begins to go out the window in 4th grade!!! I ripped a corner out of a page and wrote down a few web sites and beginner supplies.

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