Playing Around with Dry-Brush Effects

February 10, 2016


Above: Sketch made from the TV, watching a "Top Chef." This is one of the competitors. Pentel pigment ink squeezable brush pen. In a Flex Book sketchbook, which I'll review next week.

Choices about ink delivery can be important to the over all look of your sketch. And while this sketch has a definite messy look I quite enjoy the way I used the dry-brush effects of this brush pen: the Pentel pigment ink squeezable brush pen.

I drew my contours in quickly by first squeezing the pen and making sure the ink saturated the brush. After the main contours were in I worked in the dark value areas like the hair, and beard until the brush started to go dry, and then I filled in the lighter areas of shading with the resultant dry brush, and lighter pressure.

It's a very quick and fun way to explore making different drawing vocabulary marks.

    • Tina
    • February 10, 2016

    I love this dry-brush look. I’ve done this with a Pentel brush pen (not the kind that squeezes but like a fountain pen) when the cartridge is almost out of ink, and I regret it when it’s finally out of ink because then I have to refill it, and it’s just a regular brush pen again. But it’s fun to look forward to it drying out.

    – Tina

  1. Reply

    Tina, I know exactly what you mean about the PPBP and the empty cartridge. I love that too. With the Squeezy ones I can have my cake and eat it too—you should try one.

    • Paul
    • February 10, 2016

    What a gorgeous “messy” look! You’ve captured an amazing likeness. Have you ever offered a portrait drawing class on-line? If not, you should, I would register in a heartbeat :o).

  2. Reply

    Thanks Paul. Nope I haven’t done an online portrait class but it’s on the rather long, long list. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

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