Kuretake Brush Pen PK3-10S

February 15, 2016

Above: Another late night selfie in the Flex Book Sketch (I haven't finished the review, but hope to next week). I was testing the marks I could get with the Kuretake PK3-10S brush Pen. Click on the image to view the enlargement and read my notes about the pen.

I wasn't particularly happy with the Kuretake Brush Pen. I don't now if the PK3-10S is just Wet Paint's stock number or what, because the packaging is in Japanese.

It’s a solid fiber tip brush pen.

You can read the problems I had with it on the page. I can put up with a little light bleeding of the ink when I wash over it with water (or watercolor), but it's the new pen not making a smooth line that really bothered me.

(And don't get too freaked out about my note on the paper cracking. It didn't really crack it CREASED heavily, but I didn't correct my note on the page before I scanned it. I hope to get the review up of the sketchbook next week.)

    • Julana
    • February 15, 2016

    I have seen inexpensive Kuretake brush pens hanging on hooks at Hobby Lobby. I wonder if these are related? They are $4-5.

  1. Reply

    They make a bunch of pens Julana, some which even have individual hair tips, so I couldn’t tell you.

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