Contrasty and a New Japanese Gridded Journal

February 29, 2016


Above: Sketch of Dick using a dye-based Pentel Brush Pen, on lightweight gridded paper in a Japanese notebook that's about 9 x 11.5 inches.

I often find that the media and approaches I use to sketch Dick in the evening reflect what I've been talking to my students about. Hence the high contrast image with just black ink on paper. Yes, the value of his skin should probably be lighter than his hair (though his hair is awfully dark in some light—I think it's all that pool-water chemistry), but I really wanted that temple dark. Sometimes it's just too fun to push the brush around. And I knew I couldn't add water on this paper to dilute it.

Great fun to sketch on this paper though. You'll see when you blow it up that the grid line ink shows up through the pen ink. Cool. A texture. 

Life is pretty grand.

    • Greg
    • March 30, 2016

    “New Japanese gridded journal” — what’s the brand?

  1. Reply

    That’s the one Greg.

    The pages are a yellowish color.

    APICA also makes a graph paged journal that you can look up at jet pens under APICA.

    All of them have various sizes.

    Be aware that this is thinnish paper and there is show through, i.e., it’s not very opaque when using rich black ink like this.

    I mention all that because this is a rather pricey book. I took a chance on it because I can’t help myself, but people wanting specific characteristics might want to plunk their money down elsewhere.

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