Why I Think Process Is Important

January 29, 2016

Above: Sketch of a La Mancha goat at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair; dark Tuscan Red color pencil on TH.Saunders/Waterford 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper.

I believe process, and an awareness of process, are two of the most important tools a creative person can have. With an understanding of our own process we can start to tweak it in productive ways, removing bad habits and building in good habits which will help us achieve the artistic goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Knowledge of our own process allows us to understand ourselves clearly, without camouflage.

On Sunday, January 31, 2016, at 11 p.m. CST, registration for my "2016 Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public" closes. There is still a small window of time for you to sign up.

This class includes a month of teacher-involved lessons, which arrive every Monday and Thursday throughout February. There are nine lessons packed with demos and in-depth instruction. There are also two live webinars (which will also be taped for later review). I'll be be in the classroom everyday answering student questions and providing feedback on their work.

Daily homework for 29 days will help you establish that daily drawing habit you’ve longed for. (Homework averages 30 minutes a day. Towards the end of class you'll work up to sketching in public for 60 to 90 minutes two times a week.) 

You’ll have access to the classroom for a year. Rewatch the videos and review the class discussions as much as you like. You can even join a Facebook group to continue showing your work with your classmates.

My goal for this class isn’t just to help students improve their drawing skills but to help students silence their inner critic and find their artistic voice.

I believe this is best done by going out into the world and sketching live subjects in public, so I’ll provide you with strategies and techniques for doing that.

We’ll also work on a new way to talk about your art so that you can rediscover the delight and fun that originally drew you to sketching in the first place.

I also believe the key to a lifelong drawing habit is the ability to set realistic and meaningful goals so we’ll also spend time working on those skills. 

I cover all these aspects in this class because they are all necessary components to building a durable drawing habit and opening yourself to the wonder and fun that’s in the world. 

And all these aspects are essential if the individual artist is going to understand and fully use his or her artistic process.

And that matters to me.

I hope you’ll come and join me.

I will not be teaching this class again until 2017.

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    Process is incredibly important, more so than the actual work I think, sometimes. I wrote about it here –

    I guess it’s like you say all the time, you have to keep drawing and drawing and drawing. (or whatever your practice is).. Oh and can I say you wrote a while ago about are you sure drawing is for you if you are struggling to do it?

    That gave me the freedom to realise that actually, for me it is writing and music. I love what I learned from SBS, I love being able to actually draw when I am trying to illustrate a point, to mark occasions (books read, films watched), but do I want to be able to draw beautiful things and more importantly put the time in so that I will be able to? No, I want my novels published and to be able to play lots of music.

    I stil come here because I think what you write about can be applied to life in general!!!

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