Leisure Reading: with Movie Recommendations

December 25, 2015


Above: No that's not the largest pear in the universe. I was actually sketching the spices we'd just come home with and extended the drawing, loosing my comparison points. My bike was still leaning against another table in the under-construction-kitchen at this time. (The kitchen has been under construction for years, don't ask.) I got two more weeks of riding before the temperatures dropped below freezing. (Ice, snow, and/or below freezing are my deal breakers.) Pentel brush pen and watercolors on Nideggen paper, with Montana Acrylic Marker (orange). The glassine at the top of the recto page is folded over from the next spread. There the glassine is keeping a pencil sketch smudge free—or that's the theory.

Long time readers of my blog know that I love a couple things a ton.

As the year closes I like to remind people of some of my favorite things, and favorite posts by listing them. This is that post.

Leisure Reading

Roz’s Dirty Little Secret Click there and read all about it.

Roz’s Favorite Holiday Films.

Another of Roz’s Favorite Holiday Films, and a great film about relationships

Roz loves to cycle and this is a post about how much cycling means to her.

And if you read the previous cycling post perhaps you need to read this post about finding balance.

Now for Some Additional Movie Recommendations

We had a bit of a Lake Bell Marathon here a couple weeks ago.

We watched her in “No Escape” with Owen Wilson. Her character was a little bit annoying even given the dangerous circumstances she found herself in: An American family is caught in a coup.

I think the movie should be watched just for the stellar performance of Pierce Brosnan. (I cannot say more without spoiler alerts.) He came to play and he delivered. (There are intense and graphic scenes of violence and this movie is not suitable for children.)

In “Man Up” Bell plays a 30-something woman who is mistaken for someone else and ends up going on a blind date. Simon Pegg plays the date. Fun things, weird things, and truly strange things happen. The acting is good even when the script sags a bit.

And if you find that you are enjoying Lake Bell and have not already seen “In A World…” what are you waiting for? I know I reviewed that movie but can’t find it with my search engine so I’ll just give you a hint about it: A woman in the voice over industry deals with an egotist father (famous for his voice over work) and life. Bell’s character is nuanced and the character’s journey is a rewarding one that avoids an obvious and trite solution.

What I'll Be Up To This Holiday Season

I’ll be spending the holidays catching up on work while an out-of-town sister-in-law takes over eldercare with Dick’s folks. I’ve got my projects all lined up and have started working on several of them.

I did pre-write several posts for the end of the year. I hope that you’ll check back in over your holiday to read what’s been on my mind and what I am looking forward to in 2016.

Have a happy and safe holiday season. Thanks for reading!

    • Julana
    • December 27, 2015

    Hope you had a good Christmas Day, and wishing you a peaceful New Year. Thank you for sharing your many enthusiasms!

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