I’m Giddy for Schmincke Pan Watercolors on Nideggen Paper

December 16, 2015


Above: Sketch of a Belgian fashion designer—sketched of course because of his ears. Really. Schmincke pan watercolors and Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on Nideggen paper in a handmade journal 7.5 inches square.

I’ve already admitted to having way too much fun in the 7.5 roughly square journal I made with Nideggen that I’m using right now (and only have a couple pages to fill, so sadly it won’t last, but of course I could make another…)

This is one of the pieces that really kicked up the fun. I had a different palette of colors out and Dick had gone to bed, so rummaging in the studio would only wake him.

I decided to work with Schmincke pan watercolors Translucent Orange and Helio Blue Reddish. If you want to look at the full line click on the link for a two page handout. (I'm not connected to Schmincke.)

When I showed the piece to my friend Diane, who is a colorist, and I mean with her paints and pastels, not a hairdresser, and not someone who works in coloring books (I understand that’s how the word is being used now), her chin dropped. She probably couldn’t remember the last time I’d used a blue with green leanings. Even if it was a red shade variant and so less green leaning than others.

151124_BelgianFashionDesignerCRAltDetLeft: Detail of today's image I added at 9:20 a.m., because it really bothered me that the blow up of the whole image was so small, and you really didn't need to look at all that negative space.

I don’t like Marine blues! That pretty much puts the Phthalo Blues out of the way for me, which is of course what Helio Blue, Red Shade or not, is, a Phthalo Blue.

We chatted about it for quite some time. I was still getting accustomed to my fascination with Helio Blue Reddish. I long ago gave my heart to that Translucent Orange.

I paint with gouache on Nideggen all the time, but I had so much fun using these vibrant watercolors on this paper that I am hard pressed right now to think of a reason to return to white paper.

It helps of course that the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is so fun to use on this paper.

More giddiness from this journal to come.

    • Miss T
    • December 16, 2015

    Roz, I love this. And I used to think I didn’t like Phthalo blue. I’ve gradually come around to it, though.

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