Holiday on 44th—Stop at The Doorway

December 2, 2015


Above: When I'm waiting for my massage I sketch things in the waiting room, like the cups and tea packets on the table. It's a great time to work on my visual vocabulary.

Holiday on 44th is a yearly celebration in the Camden neighborhood (North Minneapolis). Starting at 6 p.m. 44th will be transformed into a community celebration with music, horse drawn carriage rides, performing artists, and open house celebrations at the businesses lining the street. Patrick Henry High School and Loring Community School will also host events.

I mention it because my massage therapist has a massage studio on this street. The Doorway for Better Health is located at 2206 44th Ave. North. Owner David Wicklund tells me he’ll be out front talking to people in the crowd. Other massage therapists will be on hand to do sample chair massages.

I’ve been getting massage from David at the Open Book location for over two years. The Open Book location is only a few minutes from my home. (I had to stop driving the long distance to my previous massage therapist when I injured my shoulder. I was fortunate to discover David through the recommendation of a friend.)

I think this is a great time for you to go enjoy a holiday event, and meet a really great massage therapist.

Maybe you don’t spend a lot of time on your bike like I do. (I ride inside all winter long too.) 

Maybe you aren’t lifting elderly people and their paraphernalia (wheelchairs and walkers) like I do.

But if you sit at a desk or computer for any length of time things are happening to your body that you need to counteract.

And, let’s face it, as you age you need to be fully mobile going forward if you’re going to continue to live independently.

So I’d like to recommend that you all go see David or one of the other great massage therapists at The Doorway. They will get you up and working. They will help you recover from strains and stress. David will simply brighten your day with his great sense of humor.

It’s time to take care of yourself.

Disclaimer: This is a spontaneous and unsolicited endorsement for which I am receiving nothing. I’m writing this because if you live in the Twin Cities you need to know about David. If you don’t, well he’s just another one of the many reasons to move here. 

Here is a link to find out more about Holiday on 44th

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