Sketching in Public: Looking for Negative Space

November 18, 2015


Above: Quick sketch in my current journal. Read more about it below.

You can see the most amazing things when you’re out and about. When I go to a local diner (Cecil’s—French Toast Turkey Club…just saying), I typically sit and sketch until the meal arrives. There’s a great cross section of the population. Cecil’s is near a college and also in an aging neighborhood. Families come in for a snack, young and old come in for “date-night.” (It’s always easy to spot the ones who are high maintenance.)

One night I was chatting with Dick and he got up to pay the bill, revealing this man who had been blocked from view. I was able to sketch in the moustache and profile quickly before he turned his head, but only had seconds to do the rest before he got up and left. I loved the negative space on that side of his head. Always start with what grabs your attention.

I’m going to miss this little book full of Rives Lightweight. It's almost full. I love the way the .4 Sakura Pigma Sensei bites into the surface of the paper. I also appreciate how light this tiny (5 x 5 inches) book is. Of course I could always make another one.

Sketching in public is a lot like a scavenger hunt. I hope you find what you’re looking for—something to delight and engage your eye.

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