Raising Roz

October 19, 2015


Above: Sketch of Dick sitting in the TV Room. I used a fiber tipped brush pen filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink, and some left over cobalt blue and English red earth gouache (Schmincke). It's in a 7 x 7 inch book I made with Nideggen paper. (I started another one after I finished the last book with Nideggen in it—because that one was so thin, meant only to deal with my non-Fair needs, and I really wasn't ready to stop working on Nideggen.) The text on the page is repeated below for easier viewing.

Dick was just finishing a pressure point rub this afternoon and he stared at my wrist.

R: What are you looking at?

D: I was just looking at this spot on your wrist.

R: That's nothing, it's been there since I was a child. My mom used to say it was the mark that showed I was a princess.

[a beat]

I looked up at Dick…

R: And I said, "Then that must make you the wicked witch."

He laughed and laughed so hard.

D: You were such a lippy child. No wonder she had such a hard time with you!

Yeah, just imagine. At 4 years old, game on.

    • SusanLily
    • October 19, 2015

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, Roz! I was so not a “game on” child. Although…I had a very rich inner life, so, looking back, I think I can see glimpses of her there within me. Maybe it’s not too late to let her out.

    • SusanLily
    • October 19, 2015

    Forgot to say, I love the expression you captured on Dick’s face. And the cobalt blue.

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    SusanLily, so glad you enjoyed this. You can always let the inner “game on” child out—but it’s not necessarily something I would advise. It can be a difficult way to live, what with keeping the ninjas and all sorts of other impediments at bay!

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    Cobalt blue is a color I’ve only recently added back to my palette and I’m still on the fence, but there was a mighty pile of it out on the palette, and it was late and Dick wanted to go to bed, so I just used what was already out. Still deciding…

    • SusanLily
    • October 23, 2015

    Maybe it’s a case of “the grass is always greener….” I see qualities in some “game on” children that make for courageous, self-confident adults, but I understand your point that it could be a difficult way to live. I can see that too. Perhaps it’s a matter of degree?

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    As the mother of a current four year old with that kind of “game on” attitude I console myself that it will serve her well in the long run even and she turns out half as awesome as you did! Because currently she is giving me grey hairs!

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    Marissa, I wish I could give you some cheery news or strategies. But I’m on the wrong end of the equation. I do believe that “game on” folks can adapt better to anything the world throws at them so that’s something to hold on to. I hope you have good fortune and create a great relationship with your four year old! Give her a journal. My mom did that when I was about 3, and it’s been helpful to me! And ultimately helpful to her because she knew I was occupied.

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    Oh I have given both her and her older sister journals! They each have a tiny one that fits in a zip bag with some markers and crayons for on the go and larger ones at home. We moved abroad and do a lot of traveling and the journals are super precious plus a good activity to keep them busy. Vastly different personalities both do well with journaling.

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    Marissa, this is fantastic! So now all you have to do is open your heart, let go, and simultaneously let go.

    You know, all those things that Moms have to do without thanks!


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