Housekeeping on the Blog: An Interview List

October 12, 2015


Above: 9 x 12 inch page from my 2015 Minnesota State Fair Journal. (TH Saunders/Waterford 140 lb. Hot Press watercolor paper—Cheap Joe's American Journey Watercolor Sketchbook. Schmincke Pan Watercolors, and Sensei calligraphy pen, probably 02.)

Today I added a new sidebar element on the blog: "Interviews with Roz."

I have listed the title of the interview, followed by a brief description of what is covered in the interview.

If you click on the title this will take you to the related interview. Some are text interviews, others are video interviews. 

You can find this list just beneath the "Pages" list in the left column of this blog.

I hope you will go and check some of these interviews out for more information on how I approach visual journaling, sketching animals, gouache, and of course International Fake Journal Month.

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